About the Fatso Rating System

Fatso is not just the name that the mind behind this project goes by. It is also the system that we use for our reviews. The F.A.T.S.O. system stand for Food, Atmosphere, Timeliness, Service, and Overall. Each of these categories is out of 20 points, totaling 100. The number grades work similar to a college grade scale.

Food –  This section of the review deals with the taste, presentation, and cost of the food. The food is the most important part of a meal, so naturally it’s the first thing I review, plus it works with the acronym, so it comes first.

Atmosphere – This section of the review deals with the feel of the restaurant, the lighting,and the decor. I’m not an interior decorator, so my opinion of a restaurant can be taken with a grain of salt, but I know what’s pleasing to my eyes. If I don’t like, I’m going to be vocal about it.

Timeliness – This section of the review has to do with the timing of the meal on account of the server, the timing of the meal on account of the kitchen, and any part of the experience to do with pacing. I’m going to scrutinize on whether the time of the meal was lunch and if the staff should have been in a rush considering people might have to get back to work. This is actually very important to me.

Service – This section of the review deals with the server or servers. I will speak on their attentiveness, knowledge, friendliness, and their overall demeanor. I automatically deduct points whenever a server does introduce themselves. I cannot stand not to know the name of the person that is serving me my food.

Overall – This section of the review deals with the overall view of the meal. I will put my closing thoughts into this second and put the final 20 points in here based upon my feelings on my experience and the food I purchased. I try not to write a review until I’ve visited a place twice, so don’t expect many reviews that are one shot deals.
That’s the F.A.T.S.O. system.

Who is the Fatso?

The Fatso
The Fatso is a regular joe who loves to eat good food. A Lafayette native, he was born and raised on all things Lafayette. He graduated from UL. The Fatso worked in the restaurant industry for years and held many different positions over the years. Now, the Fatso has a desk job, but still knows his way around a kitchen.

The Fatso cannot be bought, influence, or insulted. All he knows is food and service. You don’t know who he is because he doesn’t want special treatment. Because of this, the Fatso review’s are not from some head-in-the-cloud food critic. They’re from people like you. Regular food loving Lafayette folks.