Brick and Spoon

Brick and Spoon



The Good
  • Incredible burger
  • Great service
  • Brunch all day
The Bad
  • Uncomfortable chairs

First Impression Review
This is a first impression review. The score is likely to change after further visits.


Brick and Spoon burgerI’m going to start with a question. Best burger in Lafayette? Maybe. Just maybe. My goodness, this was such a great burger. I ate every single bite with purpose. It wasn’t absolutely perfect, but it was close. I ordered the Bacon Cali burger. I’ll start with the only issue I had with it. I ordered it medium, and it came medium well. No pink at all. But that almost didn’t matter. It was still delicious. The meat was very well-seasoned, which is a huge deal for me. I cannot take a boring patty. The egg was cooked over medium and was perfectly cooked. All I can say is that this was one of the best burgers in town. I can’t honestly find much wrong with the burger aside from it being overcooked a little. The fries were really good as well. I ordered them truffle style, which has truffle oil and parmesan cheese grated on top. The fries were fresh and homemade, at least they tasted that way. We even asked for some sriracha aioli to go along with it. Seriously fine burger. The entire meal cost me about $14-$15.


Brick and Spoon InteriorI really liked the interior of the dining room. It didn’t feel forced and the decor was simple and necessary. The art on the walls was appropriate and helped tie the room together. They have giant spoons on the wall as well, which I thought was a great touch. I was very impressed with how many tables they shoved into this place without making it feel crowded. I enjoyed the elbow room. I do have one huge complaint, and I think it’s necessary to go on record. They have very uncomfortable chairs, especially for bigger people. I’m a big person, and I never expect the back of a chair to be wider than my back, but this was ridiculous. The chairs at Brick and Spoon have the supports that dig into your back. Sure, if you’re as thin as a rail, it won’t bother you, but people with meat on their bones will likely not enjoy it.


Brick and Spoon Burger CloseThere was only about 2-3 tables in the restaurant, we went to lunch around 2:30, so the kitchen wasn’t being tested very much. Even so, I could see slightly into the kitchen and they appeared to be hustling just to make our meals. This staff appears to be completely dedicated to their craft. I have respect for these folks.


Our server was great. She didn’t have many tables, but I will usually keep an eye on the server to see what they do whenever they aren’t busy. That’s when a server’s skill comes out. Our server stayed busy the whole time, whether that’s cleaning, rolling silverware, or staying in the back likely helping their as well. The point is that she didn’t just sit around and do nothing. She kept herself busy. That’s the sign of a strong server.


The food section of this review is so much longer than the other sections, and that makes sense, because that burger was amazing. I almost didn’t care that it was overcooked, but I cannot ignore that fact. Still, I’d recommend it to anyone. I can’t wait to go back and get it again, or one of the other variations of it. This really is a great place to eat. The food is amazing, the service is very strong, the atmosphere is nice, and the kitchen is on point. The only issue I had was that those chairs are really uncomfortable. That’s not a bad price to pay for the entire meal.