IHOP Review Lafayette




The Good
  • Great pancakes
  • Good prices
The Bad
  • Okay service
  • Not clean

IHOP is a national chain, so the food is likely going to be okay considering it’s made the same way at all the locations. I must admit that I’m a sucker for some good pancakes. And anyone who says the butter pecan isn’t the best syrup should be ignored. I’ve had the omelettes, the egg dishes, and many other dishes over the years since I’ve visited this particular IHOP. I had the chopped steak once and that was pretty good. It was a little salty, but I enjoyed the flavor. The last time I went, I got the seafood omelette and I enjoyed it, but then I ordered pancakes, and was happy. The food has never really impressed me to the point where I raved about it, but it’s still always a good option whenever you’re looking for a good breakfast, but they do have good pancakes. I had a burger once or twice and it was pretty good as well, but then I decided to just order pancakes. I can’t deny the fact that the food is pretty decent at this place, especially the pancakes.


It’s an IHOP. The decor isn’t that interesting. The color scheme and furniture is the same at every place. It’s nothing to note. I’ve never seen an IHOP decorated differently than the others. I’ve been to about 5-6 different IHOPS around the state and it’s never changed. I’m okay with this because it’s a chain. I know that I keep harping on this, but it’s important to note that I still like IHOP, chain or not. The only thing that’s been consistent at all the locations is how unclean they are. They just don’t the way that they should. Dirty bathrooms, sticky tables, gross carpeting, etc. It’s always the same at all the locations. But at the end of it all, they have good pancakes.


The kitchen at IHOP varies on the time it takes to get the food depending on the time of the day it is. Late at night on a weekend whenever the place is packed to the brim with drunks, it might take some time. On the other hand, early in the morning during normal breakfast hours, it’ll come out relatively quick. I’ve only had one or two experiences where the kitchen was really slow and it took about 25-30 minutes for the food to come out. Luckily, the pancakes I ordered came out first. Other than that, the experience has been good.


The service is usually pretty crappy, to be honest. I’ve never really had an experience where the service has been strong enough to make me remember the server and what they did. I’ve had a couple of servers that have been decent, but none that have made me want to request them as my server again. Basically, if I go to a place often enough, and enjoy a server enough, I will ask for their service each time I eat there. It’s even better if they serve me my pancakes quickly and efficiently.


It’s IHOP. It’s a chain breakfast place with decent food, lackluster service, good pancakes, and a strong kitchen. If you’re looking for a good bite and a cookie cutter experience, this is a great option. It’s pretty inexpensive and the menu is huge, plus they have good pancakes. If you’ve never eaten there, you likely know someone who has. Give them a try. You might like them. Order pancakes.