BJs Brewhouse



The Good
  • Great beer selection
  • Decent service
  • Well designed
The Bad
  • Menu too large
  • Way too much butter

First Impression Review
This is a first impression review. The score is likely to change after further visits.


Chicago Deep Dish BJs120 items. I wish I was kidding. This menu had 120 items on it. The server told us that. Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous. Look, I’m all for making picky people happy, but there comes a point where you have to tell the picky people to eat somewhere else. The menu was massive. I ordered some queso to start. The chips weren’t the freshest, but they tasted okay. The queso wasn’t that good. It was lukewarm and just didn’t do it for me. The real struggle is when it came to the pizza. I decided on it at the recommendation of the server, as she said the pizza was really good. The pizza was 90% butter/oil. Seriously, the crust was completely soaked in the stuff. I’m not afraid of using or eating butter, but my goodness this was too much. I had some friends with me and they ordered burgers. They looked pretty good. The presentation of my pizza was good as well, but the flavor, after I looked past the flavor of oil and butter, was okay. Nothing that interesting. The toppings were pretty undercooked, but the sauce tasted like it had potential. At the end of it all, this was my first visit to this place, so there might be something else worth getting. I wouldn’t know because the menu is so damn big, I’ll likely never get to it. 120 ITEMS! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

BJs QuesoJust to point something out, the beer selection and costs were factored into my meal. Which is why the food section might not be as low as some of you might expect. The beer selection was fantastic and the prices of the beer were good too. I ended up ordering a sampler and it was a great choice. Plenty of different beers to choose all for decent prices. I ended up spending around $30 for a small pizza, appetizer, and a sampler of beer.


BJs Brewhouse Front ViewI never really felt cramped in here, which is weird because the place has so many tables. It’s a rather large place to eat, but they seriously had what looked like 50+ tables. That’s a big guess, but it just looked that way. The decor is mostly beer based. Once of the walls had the beer brewing process in order with little chalk drawings, while another wall was pretty much covered head to toe with the beer listings. The place is brand new, so it looked and felt very clean. It was packed in there too, so that really helped me see how the servers and staff get on after a few hours of non-stop work. Most of them appeared to hold themselves well.


BJs Draft listThe kitchen was surprisingly quick at BJs. Considering the dining room was completely full, they managed to pump out our food in about 20 minutes. Not bad. Sure, the food wasn’t perfect, but you can tell that the kitchen is still working out it’s kinks. Even so, they manage well enough. The biggest slow part of the house was the bar though. My beer sample took about 15 minutes to come out after I ordered it. One of my friends ordered a single pint and that took about 10 minutes. I know they’re busy, but that’s a little much.


Beer SamplerOur server was great. A lot of the servers in this place seemed to be good at what they do. My friends and I were waiting in the front and struck up a conversation with some of the servers around there. Everyone we spoke to seemed really kind and in control of their duties. The hostesses were great as well. They were friendly and answered any questions we had. I liked the service a lot at BJs. I’m can’t find any issues.


BJs might be another chain place, but it looks like an okay place to get a beer and a bite. It’s not special from what I can tell, but the beer selection is great. Look, I would say the easiest comparison of a place like this is like a gastropub, but not quite there. I definitely need to go back to try more of the menu, especially considering the size of it. Other than that, it’s an okay place. A low B isn’t bad.