Broaddus menu

Broaddus Burger



The Good
  • Awesome burger
  • Tons of options
  • Decent fries
The Bad
  • No indoor seating

Broaddus Spicy BroaddusIf you’ve read my TOP 10 Burger post, you know that I regard Broaddus Burger as one of the best burgers in Lafayette. I’m happy to announce that my mentality on that still stands. Seriously, this is likely the best burger in Lafayette. It’s so damn good. The meat is well-seasoned, the buns are firm but full of flavor, and the amount of toppings is incredible. You can get some of the pre-built burgers, or a build your own. The list of toppings ranges from fried cheese all the way to a full portobello mushroom cap. If you look at the main picture at the top of the review, that’s the menu. The better majority of what you see there is what you can put on your burger. My most recent visit was met with a little issue. My patty was a little overdone. It’s never been like that before, so I just chalk it up to an off day, but the flavor was still good despite the temperature of the burger. I mean it, the burger at Broaddus is extremely good. I’m trying not to beat a dead horse here. They make a product that rivals all burger joints in Lafayette. Their fries are really tasty as well, but I don’t believe their homemade. They serve seasoned fries, so that helps with the flavor overall, but wish they made them homemade. The burger is my focus at this place though.


Broaddus Burger OutsideIt would be hypocritical if I don’t mark off points for not having any indoor seating. I fussed about this same issue at Taco Sisters recently, so I must do it here as well. That being said, you are more than welcome to sit in your car during your visit because this place happens to be built into an old Sonic Drive Thru, but nonetheless I’m marking off points. The real problem is that the outdoor seating is really not that good either. The benches appear to be in bad condition for the most part. They hold up weight, but that doesn’t mean that they’re a joy to sit in, I’m not going to complain about the seating too much, but the points still stands. Please bare in mind that this is all just personal opinion. I like indoor seating and think that full service restaurants should have it. I can’t expect it at all times, but even the smallest and crappiest restaurants around Lafayette have it. So why can’t a place as great as Broaddus have it? Call me picky. So be it.


Broaddus friesBig points here for Broaddus. The kitchen has never once been behind. I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 15 minutes for food to get to me. It’s always been fresh and comes straight off the flat top. The waitress that walks around the parking lot is quick and puts your order in right in front of you with a wireless touchpad. It’s a really cool device that clearly speeds up the process. No points off here.


Broaddus outside 2Oddly enough, of all the times that I’ve come to this place, I’ve only ever dealt with one server. She’s nice enough, but is never the most incredible “server” that I’ve ever dealt with. Please note that she is not mean or anything, but is not the nicest ever. She’s good at what she does and is quick to answer questions, I’ve just never been blown away by her attitude. It’s important to note that she doesn’t really provide table service as much as she just takes your order. I’m not marking off much for this, but it could create a stain on someone else’s experience who might be a little more sensitive to a server’s attitude. I have nothing to test against when it comes to the other servers because I’ve only ever dealt with one person, but it’s decent enough.

My opinion of the service has been changed since my last visit. I went with a few people a couple of weeks ago and it was really busy. Most of the parking spots were taken and the server was running around like mad. At this point, the owner Mr. Broaddus himself, was running around with her. Delivering food, drinks, reminding people that if they needed anything, he would be there. This level of service is remarkable and completely unheard of. A business owner who cares this much about his customers deserves higher praise. I have removed all service deductions. Perfect score.


The FATSO rating system is good because it allows me to not just focus on the food of a restaurant. I’ve said this many times before. If we’re just focusing on the food, Broaddus would have a damn good score. Damn near perfect. But, this review is about the experience as a whole. Broaddus is good, but it’s not perfect. It has some flaws. A lack of indoor seating, non-homemade fries, and the service isn’t 100%. Still, go here, get a burger, and eat it. Get two burgers and eat both of them. Get everything on it, within reason, and add more stuff. Add a fried egg, jalapeños, mushrooms, and bacon. See if they can cook it medium. (I forgot to ask) And stuff your face with one of the best burgers in town. You will not regret it.