Burgersmith Lafayette LA Review




The Good
  • Awesome burgers
  • Great fries
  • Decent Service
  • Good location
The Bad
  • Little slow
  • Slightly packed dining room
  • Tad expensive

The burgers at Burgersmith are on fire. I’ll tell you a quick story. I went to Burgersmith right after it officially opened and I was not pleased with the experience. The service was crap and the food was lackluster and not very tasty. I didn’t write it off, but I just never had any real reason to go back. After hearing from multiple people how good it was, years later might I add, I finally decided to see what’s changed. Boy, was I wrong. Things had not only changed, but had changed for the better. The burger was delicious. Juicy, cooked well, on a great bun, and with tons of flavor. The garlic butter fries were off the chain. I’m seriously, I love french fries. I’m a meat a potato kind of guy at heart, so some delicious fries can really hit me where it hurts. These fries were awesome. I haven’t tried some of the other non-burger foods at Burgersmith, but if they’re up to snuff as their burgers are, then hit it up. You won’t regret it.


The restaurant has a fair bit of wood decor and it feels very homely. I enjoyed how easy going the place seems to be. They have an outdoor area if you’re interesting in weathering the weather. The dining room is a little packed, but not so much that you’re uncomfortable, but I’d swing for a booth if they’re available. The lighting is sort of dim, but not overly so. I was pleased with how this place could double as a date place or a casual burger joint. It was a nice place to be overall.


I’ve gone a few times since I realized that this place was as tasty as it is. I’m happy to say that the timeliness has been on point most of those times. The food comes out within an amount of time that makes me think that the kitchen has their stuff together. The burgers are always cooked the way that I ordered them, so they know how to manage their cook times well. I’ve yet to go during a heavy lunch service, but if they manage the lunch service like they do the dinner, than it should be good. I’m always willing to admit when I’m wrong though, so take it with a grain of salt.


The service is hit or miss. The last time I went, the person at the bar that served me was friendly and great, but the time before, my server wasn’t friendly at all. She still did a good job at serving us, but just didn’t have the charm like the bartender. The servers all kept their cool during the busy service, so that’s a great sign. I don’t always just watch my own server, but I instead watch all the servers in the place because I like to see if they all have it together or just some of them. Burgersmith has a pretty strong staff.


This place is legit. The food is great, the service is too. I’m likely going to make this one of my favorite burger joints in the city, which is a big deal because I freaking love burgers. They’ve got a solid burger that has all the right things that make a burger great, so don’t hesitate to check them out if you’re near River Ranch. Now, even though it’s in River Ranch, that doesn’t mean it’s a stupid expensive burger. It’s actually pretty fairly priced compared to some of the other burger joints in town. You can get a pretty decently sized burger and fries, excluding drink, for about $13-$14. That’s not too much for what you get.