The Ground Pat'i Review

Ground Pat’i



The Good
  • Good location
  • Simple menu
The Bad
  • Mediocre food
  • Badly cooked steaks
  • Open kitchen

The food at The Ground Pat’i was disappointing. I’ve had a couple of burgers from this place in the past and they’ve usually been underwhelming. The burgers are cooked on a grill and not a flattop, which is why I don’t usually choose this option when it comes to my burgers. I think flattop burgers are juicier and have better flavor. I decided to try something new at my latest visit. I ordered the steak sandwich. It was really a sad sight to see. The thin ribeye was overcooked beyond belief. I ordered it medium-rare, as it should be, and it was almost well done. They didn’t put the so called “dynamite sauce” on the sandwhich at all. I asked for the sauce and tasted it. It’s basically mayo. There was something else in it, but so tasteless that I couldn’t tell. The bread was soggy and the toppings were haphazardly thrown on the open faced sandwich. It was pathetic. *PLEASE NOTE* This was the “Original” Ground Pat’i. Not the new one like on Ambassador Caffery. The menu was different and I can only hope it’s better at the Ambassador location.


The interior of the place was nice. It’s primarily wood around the entire place and the decor is nice to look at. But the noise. Oh my goodness the noise from the kitchen was ridiculous. The kitchen was almost completely open. It wasn’t like a small serving window, it was a giant window and the kitchen noise was off the scale. The music, my friends, and even the server were drowned out by the volume. It was really disconcerting and put a huge damper on my experience.


The kitchen prepared out lackluster with some pep in their step.All of the food came out within 25 minutes or so. The appetizers came out before the meal. The meal was relatively well paced and you get peanuts to eat in the meantime if you didn’t order an appetizer. Considering the restaurant was less than half way packed at the time, I won’t give the kitchen a pass for being busy and overcooking something. The experience was decent in the timeliness department.


Our server was good. She was attentive, but didn’t seem to be very friendly. She kept my drink filled, albeit without ice the first time, but I never went thirsty. I will say that I ordered a half unsweet/half sweetened iced tea and either she didn’t put the unsweet tea in it at all, or the sweet tea is likely to kill a diabetic person if they have a couple of sips. I like my tea lightly sweetened, but this was over the top. The fact that she didn’t but about 5 cubes of ice didn’t help either. But, she was attentive, so that helps a bunch.


Look, if you like grilled burgers that will be overcooked, or steaks that will be overcooked as well, then you’ll enjoy Ground Pat’i. The service is decent enough, but the food just doesn’t make up for it. I was underwhelmed and definitely overpaid for the experience. I likely won’t go back to this location any time soon. If I decide to go back, it’ll likely be at the Ambassador location.