Grub Burger Bar Review Lafayette LA

Grub Burger Bar



The Good
  • Great shake
  • Good locations
The Bad
  • Gave me food poisoning
  • Boring burgers
  • Expensive

I’m starting this one off pretty damn strong… Grub gave me and my friend food poisoning. Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll go into detail about the food. I ordered the Lockhart Legend, which was okay. I just wasn’t that impressed with it. Look, I’ve posted my thoughts on burgers before. All the extra crap restaurants tend to put in burgers is fluff. The meat and bun are the only things I really look for. The condiments help, but the foundation is obviously the most important part. The bun was pretty basic and the meat wasn’t well-seasoned. I was not impressed. I added a fried egg to it, which they undercooked. I feel confident that this gave me the food poisoning, but I can’t be sure. The fries were okay, but once again, I wasn’t impressed. The best thing there was the shake that I ordered. That shake was amazing. It better damn well be for nearly $5. All I know is that about 2 hours after eating there, my friend and I were both in a bad way. I’ll spare you the details.


I was actually pretty impressed with the style and decor of the restaurant. The mood of the place was a relaxed, but upscale, style. The hanging lights caught my attention and the designer clearly had a great eye for lighting. The order window was nice and open to see the cooks working hard. I don’t mind an open window, as long as the kitchen noise doesn’t bleed out too much. Very well done.


Another aspect of Grub that let me down. It took too long for us to get two burger, two fries, and two shakes. About 30 minutes to be exact. They were busy, but there were still plenty of tables left to be seated. I would think that the kitchen will struggle very heavily if the house was completely packed.


This was another redeeming aspect of the place. The front end staff was very friendly and greeted us with smiles and hello’s. This goes a long way to make an experience worthwhile. Even though the food took a little while, the food runners seemed nice and put together. They even helped out tables with getting things for them even though I think they’re not necessarily servers. Good on them for going above and beyond.


See my post on the best burger places in Lafayette. Good news, I haven’t gotten food poisoning from any of these either. Grub just doesn’t hit the mark for me. It might for you, so don’t be afraid of trying it, but let my warning be heard. The food isn’t the best, it might give you food poisoning, but the service is great. Bare in mind that this is my opinion, but I feel confident that it was Grub considering all I had eaten that day was a donut about 4 hours before.