Hub City Diner Review Lafayette

Hub City Diner



The Good
  • Decently Priced
  • Tasty Burger
  • Great service
The Bad
  • Unclean Restroom
  • Frozen Chicken Strips
  • Loud

This is a Lafayette staple that has been around for many years. I’ve eaten here quite a lot over the years. It’s the kind of place that I can completely look paste all of the downfalls or issues that I might find during my visits. That being said, there’s a few things that I would order before others. For example, I would order a burger before ordering something else. They do have some good Cajun food, but I’d still recommend a burger over everything else. The red beans and rice is pretty good, and the chicken fried steak is as well.

My most recent visit was met with a burger though, along with my friend getting some fried chicken strips. I really enjoyed my bacon cheeseburger. It tasted kind of like the burger was grilled, but wasn’t dry like a grilled burger usually is. If you’ve read a lot of my reviews before, you know that I hate grilled burgers. Flat-top is the only way to go when it comes to burgers. It makes them more juicy and flavor-full. It’s a winner in my book. The fries aren’t made in store, but they’re still super tasty and I love them. They’re seasoned curly Q’s, so that’s a winner to me. I did want to comment on the chicken strips that my friend ordered. I ended up taking a bite and they were pathetic. They must have been frozen for a long time, because the crust was kind of amalgamated to the chicken itself. It was kind of gross. I’ll pass on the chicken strips, if I were you. It really doesn’t take much to make a homemade chicken strip. You got the fryers, just get a bucket for some flour and call it a day. C’mon man!


The diner opened in 1990, but has the style of one of those 1950’s diners. Pink neon and old school decor scattered around the dining room. It’s a nice place to be, but almost feels a bit cluttered at times. I kind of wish the waitresses would dress in period outfits as well. For some reason, I’ve always enjoyed a restaurant that goes the extra mile when it comes to time-based experience. Other than that, the restaurant is relatively clean, but the restrooms needed a scrubbing. They are cutting back on water usage and have those water free urinals, which is a little strange. They were clean, but only just so. At least the floor wasn’t soaked in urine, as many restaurant restrooms are. It just felt like the place hadn’t been deep cleaned in a long time. Lastly, the kitchen was relatively open to the dining room, so it got a bit loud, espeically with the lunch rush as big as it was. Not the end of the world, but I thought you might want to know.


The kitchen was pretty good about getting the food out quickly. We happened to be sitting in a spot where I could see the kitchen pumping out food. Those guys in there really are quick. The server was relatively quick and got us anything we needed within a reasonable amount of time. It was pretty busy, so I must appreciate the speed at which these cooks were working. Respect for that. Other than that, the meal was decently paced and the server did well in keeping other tables moving along as well. The only thing that really bothered me was that the person that cleaned our table right before we sat down on it used an incredibly wet rag and the table was soaking wet when we sat down. Sure, I’m happy that the table was clean, but I had to use some napkins to dry it off after.


Considering it was a lunch rush, I wasn’t expecting the service to be incredible. My expectations were met. I’m not really saying that it was a bad thing. People like to get in and get out during the lunch rush period. Our server was good, but not amazing. She got our drinks pretty quick and checked on us often enough to keep me satisfied. It took a little while for us to get seated, but that was because there was no hostess greeting people. Whenever the restaurant is that busy, they really do need to get a host in the front just to greet people and sit them. Those servers were too busy to do both.


Look, I’ve been going to this place for years, and I’m likely to continue going for years to come. Is it the best restaurant in Lafayette? No. Is it a great place to get a burger and enjoy a nice atmosphere for lunch, absolutely. I’d recommend it to anyone if they’re looking for a decently priced meal that you can enjoy with someone else.