Jefferson Street Pub Lafayette LA Review

Jefferson Street Pub



The Good
  • Decent burger
  • Good beer selection
The Bad
  • Small dining room
  • Unfriendly service

First Impression Review
This is a first impression review. The score is likely to change after further visits.


JSP burgerI ordered the cheese and pickle burger on my first visit. It wasn’t bad at all. The burger is comprised of fried pickles, a creole dijonase, and white cheddar. The pickles did absolutely nothing for me, but the dijonase on the other hand was really good. It had a little kick to it as well. The white cheddar wasn’t the most flavorful thing on the burger, but did compliment the burger overall. The bun was really well-toasted as well, which is what I enjoyed the most. I love it whenever a kitchen isn’t afraid to make the bun pretty crispy. The burger was pretty good, but didn’t quite impress me enough to make the top ten list or something like that. I look forward to going back and trying another one. They had some really interesting options on the menu, such as shrimp and grits, and a shepards pie. The burger didn’t come with fries, but instead came with chips. I’m not a big fan of chips with a burger, but at least they were homemade. I can appreciate that. They didn’t have much flavor though. To top it off, the burger was $12. I could have gone one block down the road and gotten a French Press burger, which is just as good, for $2 less and gotten fries with it. I’m sorry, there was nothing that justified the cost of this burger in my opinion. Any time a burger gets more than $10, I become more skeptical because I’m expecting more at this point. No dice on the JSP burger.


Jefferson Street Pub InteriorIf you visit during lunch, the full service bar/dining room isn’t open, so it’s a much smaller place to be. It’s not bad, but from the looks of it, they have about 8 tables with the bar top holding about 10-12 chairs as well. That’s not much space, so I expect that this place might get really packed on some days. The bar was a nice place to be though. The entire place seemed clean and the decor was very “gastropub-y.” Pictures of Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and other musicians hang on the wall. The large paintings added a lot to the room. The music was actually turned down pretty heavily during the visit, which is really nice because I was able to have nice conversations with the friend that I went with. Overall, this dining room was a great place to be. I just don’t want to see it whenever it gets packed.


The burgers took a little long than I would have hoped. There were only about 5 tables in the place whenever we placed our orders, but it still took about 25 minutes to get them out. During a dinner service, this wouldn’t be too bad, but this was lunch time. Food needs to come flying out of this kitchen quick during the lunch service. It’s important because people usually have to get back to work after they eat. I’m not marking off too many points because they burger was very fresh when I got it, so I knew it wasn’t sitting there or anything, but I’d say about 20 minutes it usually the maximum time I accept for a kitchen to get food out during a lunch rush.


The server did her job, but that was about it. This was one of the downsides to this visit here. The server was not friendly, didn’t introduce herself, and didn’t get a refill for my friend for some time. I was not enthused about the service during my visit. When we arrived, she basically said about 3 words to us before getting our drinks. Once she came back, she asked if we were ready, we both said yes, when she proceeded to walk away and deal with 3 other tables before coming back to us about 10 minutes later. Seriously, we both said “yes” and her response was to walk away. I wasn’t expecting that. I will say that I had a question about the burger and she immediately went to the kitchen to ask, so that was nice for her to do so quickly. I believe she was waiting on all of the tables in the dining room, so I understand that if she was busy, she might have gotten in the zone. I’ve gotten that way as well, but sometimes you need to snap out of the zone to make sure you’re providing friendly service as well. No amount of tables should make a server sacrifice their kindness.


JSP is a decent place to get lunch. It might not be the best burger in Lafayette, but it is good enough to merit another visit one day. I’ve got to try those shrimp and grits. The biggest complaint I have is the service might not be up to snuff, and the costs don’t justify the meal. Other than that, it’s a solid place. I plan on visiting again soon.