Mandez’s Seafood Bar & Grill



The Good
  • Fantastic Burgers
  • Simple Menu
  • Great Service
The Bad
  • Small Dining Room

“Mmmm, this is a tasty burger.” Samuel L Jackson had it right. Mandez’s does have a hell of a good burger. It’s quickly growing to be one of my favorite places in town. Since they’ve opened, I’ve been a handful of times and tried a couple of dishes, but I tend to lean burger because it’s really outstanding. The menu looks large because of the formatting, but they only have about 20 entrees, not including salads and appetizers. The burger is cooked on a flat top, as it should be. The bun is toasted on the flat top and completely compliments the burger. They don’t clash at all. The toppings are really fresh and balanced. It’s phenomenal. The fries are pretty good too. I’ve never seen fries cut that way before and they’re seasoned really well. Overall, the food is worth a trip from the movie theater, or even across town.


The atmosphere could be better, but it could be a lot worse. Lots of natural lighting makes for a bright and vibrant restaurant, but the dining room is a bit cramped. The long table against the opposite wall from the door isn’t too bad, but sitting at one of the middle tables is a bit stuffy. The outside tables look great, but the weather has been inclement each time I’ve visited. The only other observation I made was that the kitchen is a bit loud in the dining room. It’s not unbearable, but noticeable. Still, it’s a decent place to sit and enjoy a meal. Other than being a little small, it’s fine.


I’ve never waited for too long to get my meal. Based on the size of the building, the kitchen is likely pretty small. They can really push out some food with a kitchen of this size. It does tend to lean on the longer side of time, but it’s nothing outrageous in my opinion. I’ve usually gotten in and out of there in less than one hour, which is great for lunch.


This is one of the highlights of my trips. I just so happened to have gotten the same server each time I’ve visited. It’s been a delight being served by her. My drink has never gone empty, she is knowledgeable about the menu, and is very keen at making suggestions for me and friends to try. I really think she’s one of the main reasons I return, as well as the food.


You’d be crazy to not come here. I love this place. Please, Mandez’s, never go anywhere. Keep making great food and hiring great servers. I hope they last for a long time.



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