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Twin Peaks



The Good
  • Fun atmosphere
  • Decent burger
  • Pretty cheap
The Bad
  • Boring service
  • Crappy fried pickles
  • Tasteless fries

First Impression Review
This is a first impression review. The score is likely to change after further visits.


twin peaks burgerI’m back! Why not start with a chain place that makes me cringe at the gimmick. It’s another Tilted Kilt. But is the food any good at Twin Peaks? Eh, it’s not terrible. I’ll say that. I’ve had a better burger before, but I cannot honestly say it was bad. I can say that I was satisfied with the price I paid for the quality of burger. I ordered the Hangover burger. I’m pretty easily sold when a burger comes with a fried egg on top. It was overcooked to medium-well, even though I asked for medium. I didn’t expect them to get it right, so I can’t say I was overly disappointed. The fries were pretty bland and had little to no seasoning on them. Whether that be salt or some sort of cajun style, both were lacking on the fries. Now, things start to go downhill prior to the burger coming out. I ordered a batch of fried pickles to start the meal. It was the saltiest fried pickles I’ve ever had in my life. I had to stop eating them because my mouth started to pucker up. The batter was salted, the pickles were salted after frying, and it even tasted like the ranch was pretty salty. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend the pickles, unless you really like salt. The burger, on the other hand, I could see myself recommending.


twin peaks interior 2Okay, something to note is that I went to the restaurant during the middle of a Saints game. For this reason, I will not be complaining about the noise. It would be stupid of me to do so. I knew what I was getting myself into when I went during that game. That being said, the place appeared to be pretty clean and in good repair. Considering it’s still a new place, it makes sense. I must admit, I liked the atmosphere. Noise aside, it was fun, energetic, and exactly what I’d expect from a place that uses the “hot waitress” gimmick to attract a more male clientele. That being said, there were a fair bit of female customers in the place, and most of the servers appeared to enjoy their work… except my own. I’ll get to that. In short, I like it. Tons of beers on tap and TVs on every corner is a win for me.


twin peaks interior 1My friend and I ordered two burgers. It took about 25 minutes for them to come out. That’s not terrible considering it was a packed house, but there wasn’t a wait at the door. I wouldn’t consider the kitchen to be the strongest, but I can’t complain too much. The fries were a little cold, but still hot enough to tell that they were relatively fresh. Without flavor, but still decently fresh.
Happily, the appetizer came out before the entrees, so that’s a good sign that there is some sort of organization back there. I can’t complain too much about the kitchen timeliness.


twin peaks fried picklesThis is really when things started to go downhill. Our server was not enthusiastic, fun, or friendly. I can’t honestly say she was mean or anything like that, but she just wasn’t into it and it kind of brought the experience down. I understand that the “sexy waitress” gimmick might help the servers with most tables at a place like Twin Peaks, but I’m not one to fall victim to good looks or low cut shirts. I need substance, I need service, I need at least a smile! C’mon now! If you’ve read my reviews before, you know that I’m an absolute stickler for servers introducing themselves prior to the meal beginning. Alas, this server failed to do so. I hate being served by someone without knowing their names. I used to wait tables, so this is a real pet peeve of mine.


twin peaks outside 2Well, Lafayette officially has two places that have names referencing boobs. I don’t know if we should be proud or ashamed. Either way, they’re here to stay and will likely be busy with visits from people who are looking for a decent meal at a reasonable cost. That’s the take-away I give for this review. It was an okay meal, that was pretty cheap. The service might be hit or miss, but if the beer is flowing and the game is on, it might not be the worst place to be. I think my favorite game-day bite is likely between here and Buffalo Wild Wings. So, good on you Twin Peaks. You didn’t get an “A” grade, but you still gained a fan.



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