Twin's Burgers & Sweets Lafayette LA Review

Twin’s Burgers and Sweets



The Good
  • Good hot dogs
  • Great service
  • Decent location
The Bad
  • Mediocre burgers
  • Slow kitchen at times
  • Fries don’t taste very fresh

I know a few people that get really excited about Twin’s burgers, but I just don’t see the excitement in it. Seriously, the burgers are okay, but they don’t come off as homemade or seasoned that well. I recently heard, as a rumor, that they get their meat from Sam’s pre-made and frozen. Tisk tisk. As you likely know by now, I love french fries. They’re my vice. The waffle fries at Twin’s don’t impress me either. They’re not very well seasoned and usually underdone. I need some crisp in my fries, and I don’t get it from Twin’s. I will say that the hotdog, which is a Nathan’s Frank, is good. If you get the chili dog with jalapenos, it’s a pretty solid little meal. Of course, the one redeeming factor on this all is the sweets aspects of the store. I’ve had a few of their different options, from the cheesecake to the cookies, and they’re all pretty good. Nothing that blew my socks off, but it does make for a nice dessert after a mediocre burger.


The restaurant isn’t a bad place to be, but it’s also not an interesting place to be. If there is a line for ordering, you’d better hope you’re not sitting near the little queuing area, because people will stand over you while you eat, and they will definitely look at your food while you do so. They are smart in having the line stretch before the sweets display case because the temptation to purchase a cookie is quite hard to resist. I’ve always felt like the dining room is a little packed, but you do get a little bit of elbow room. Not enough for my tastes, but I think most people wouldn’t complain.


The food at Twin’s is pretty easy to cook, so I would range cook times between 10 and 15 minutes, and Twin’s is usually on point in this department. I think during a busy rush the kitchen might not be able to handle the rush as hard, but I’ve only seen this during a to-go wait for myself. It took about 20-25 minutes for a burger and fries. I’m not sure if the wait was because the kitchen doesn’t appear to be very big, so that might have something to do with it, but that’s not really an excuse.


The service at Twin’s is one of the shining factors of my visits there. The service counter employees are always friendly and most of them even smile and laugh at my stupid jokes. That goes a long way. I’ve never encountered a rude person there. I’ve gotten a couple of menacing glances from one of the guys in the burger window, but other than that’s it’s all gravy. I’m thankful for friendly service, even if the food might not be the best.


The experience at Twin’s is good, but nothing to write home about. For some reason, this place has become some sort of staple in Lafayette eats, so congrats to them. I’m not sure how they did it while serving burgers and fries to be sub-par in my opinion, but sometimes people just like it. If that’s the case, then they’ve hit some sort of nerve in Lafayette. There’s a chance that they’re still getting that loyalty service that Southside Used to get, but in my opinion, Southside Bakery still has the better burger between these two. Perhaps that’s why they had they’re little dispute. Oh well.



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