Lauras 2 outside

Laura’s II



The Good
  • Great comfort food
  • Quick service
  • Cheap
The Bad
  • Heavy salt
  • Limited options

Laura's II Smothered porkIf you’d ever been to Laura’s II, you know that they’re a seriously big name in the area for plate lunches. I ordered the smothered pork during my most recent visit. Damn it was good. I’m a big fan of a place that isn’t afraid to spice their food. Happily, Laura’s is pretty damn good at making sure there is a small bite. Not enough to make your nose run, but enough to meet the spice need. The sides were pretty good as well. Plenty of flavor and the portions were large. That being said, the biggest complaint I have about the food is the fact that it’s a little salty. I’ve always said it’s better to under-salt than to over-salt. That being said, the pork was still tasty, but very slightly salty. The best part of it all is that it’s really fairly priced. The meal in the picture on the left, including a soft drink, only cost about $10. The portion size was really fair for the price. To touch on the “limited options” point I listed above, I’m referring to the fact that there are limited plate lunch options available, so if you’re looking for a ton of variety, this will likely not work for you. I’ll most definitely be going back. On a sad note, they were out of mac and cheese for the day and that made me sad. No points knocked off for it, but just wanted to let you know.


laura's 2 dining roomIt’s a decently sized place. There’s no table service, so everything is fend for yourself. I have no problem with that though. One of the bigger complaints is that I’m a pretty tall guy with long legs. Whenever I tried to squeeze into one of the booths, the pole underneath managed to knock the hell out of my knee. I didn’t think the table was that small, but apparently it was. I learned the hard way. The chairs and table weren’t very comfortable. Other than that, the place was clean and well kempt. The bathroom was clean as well. The other complaint I think I would have is that they had the TV too loud. I don’t really care to listen to “The People’s Court” at that high a volume during lunch. I was trying to have a conversation with my friend and had to raise my voice to accommodate.


laura's 2 counterConsidering you order at the window and move down the line, it doesn’t usually take too long to get food. The only problem that I found is that the order window is in a strange spot, which forces you to do everything not to stand in the way. Whenever I showed up, there was only one person in front of me, but it still took me about 10 minutes to order. This wasn’t the fault of the kitchen, but instead the person in front of me. I guess they could have multi-tasked a little better and maybe served more than one person at a time, but the wait still wasn’t bad. It was worth the wait as well.


laura's 2 signThe service counter was worked by 3 ladies whenever I got there. They were all very friendly and helped me get my order. The cashier was especially friendly and was nice enough to smile and ask me how my day was. It didn’t feel rehearsed either, which is always a great thing. It was nice to feel welcomed like. Perfect score on this front. I couldn’t find any issues.


Laura’s II is a great place to get a bite. I wouldn’t go there all the time because that is some rich food. You’re likely to have an extra 50 pounds if you eat there too much, but it’s definitely worth it. The service is strong, the food is tasty, and the experience is solid enough to go back again and again. I suggest giving them a shot whenever you’re on that side of town.



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