Noah’s Cafe



The Good
  • Great selection
  • Inexpensive
The Bad
  • Boring dining room
  • Strange lasagna

I’ll start by saying I usually visit places more than once before writing reviews. But for Noah’s, I wanted to get it written now and update it later. The food at Noah’s was okay on my first visit. I had a plate lunch with lasagna, potatoes, and black eye peas. I was unimpressed. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing. I learned my lesson. The lasagna was heavy, but not in a good way. Last time I checked, lasagna isn’t just meat, cheese, and noodles. There is sauce in there somewhere right? Not in this one. The flavor wasn’t that good, but was especially rough when I realized there was no bolognese sauce anywhere to be found. The portions were huge though. If I were the kind of Fatso to dismiss a place after one visit, the food at Noah’s would have me choosing other places from now on. I plan on going back to give another chance.


The dining room was pretty boring. It’s in a multi-business small complex, so I didn’t expect much. The walls had various pictures and a big “Noah’s Cafe” on the left. The tables are basic, but the place did feel clean. The food prep/serving area appeared to be pretty clean. I didn’t visit the restroom, but if it was like the rest of the place, it would have been pretty clean. I can hope.


I ordered and got my food in less than 5 minutes. I’m usually a bigger fan of “made-to-order” food, but this was pretty good. I know that’s what I’m getting when I get a plate lunch. The food was hot, so it’s a sign that it might not have been sitting there for too long, but the warmers underneath might have something to do with it. Either way, if you’re in need to get in and out, this place is a good option.


Considering there isn’t table service, but just an order counter and three ladies who served me, the service was good. The ladies that served me explained how to order and then made my meal right then and there. The employees were busy, so being overly friendly wasn’t an option, but they smiled and made my food quickly. Always a big plus. The checkout employee was very friendly.


To summarize, I wasn’t too impressed by the food, but perhaps I ordered the wrong thing. I’ll go back and give them another shot to make sure it wasn’t just my poor ordering. If I were you, I’d say to avoid the lasagna, because that stuff was not good. But, if you need a quick bite that relatively inexpensive, this might be a good option for you.