Pot & Paddle



The Good
  • Great food
  • Good service
  • Super clean
The Bad
  • Nothing

The food at Pot & Paddle is really great. I’ve been a couple of times since they opened and I’ve only ever had food that’s been really good. The jambalaya, the gumbo, and the mac and cheese has been great every time I’ve tasted it. The last time I went, they had a sauce piquante that was really delicious, and the portion was huge. As you all know, I love some big portions. I’ve not ordered the pastalaya since I learned my lesson at Jambalaya Shoppe, but they responded about the state of the noodles and my review for them changed. The point is, I’m just gonna stick with good old fashioned jambalaya from now on. In short, the food at Pot & Paddle is really impressive and I’m happy to visit there again.


I think that they expanding into the building next to them, so they’re going to have a larger dining room soon, which is great to see. The dining room in the current state isn’t really crowded though, so I hope they don’t overstep. Either way, the place was very clean and everything is still quite new. There hasn’t been much wear and tear on the tables and chairs yet. The restroom was very clean as well, which is always a good sign. Good stuff Pot & Paddle.


Sadly to say, the last time I went, they forgot my meal and I ended up having to go back to the counter to ask for it. I’m not mad at all or anything, but I’m not sure how I slipped through the cracks considering we were just one tables of about 4. So, I could understand more if things were crazy busy, but that didn’t appear to be the case. But, whenever they haven’t forgotten my meal, it’s always came out really quickly, so I’m not going to mark off too much for it.


Considering they don’t have table service here, I cannot say too much about the service as a whole. The counter employees have always been kind and quick to answer any questions I have. I’ve watched them from my table a couple of times and they do look like they try to keep busy, which is a good sign that the employees care about their work. Overall, nothing to complain about here.


At the end of it all, this place is pretty solid when it comes to food and service. I’m a fan, and they earned it by offering decently priced food, great portions, and keep the atmosphere light, friendly, and clean. The only major road bump was them forgetting me once, but they were apologetic and made amends. Overall, I recommend this place greatly!



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