China One Review in Lafayette

China One



The Good
  • The best service
  • Decent food
  • Large selection
The Bad
  • Boring dining room
  • Food is the same as most chinese places

The food at most Chinese places in Lafayette is the same. Same style, same ingredients, same everything. But, if I had to choose the best one in town, it would be China One (see service section for explanation). I enjoy their lunch specials from time to time. The pork fried rice goes great alongside a Kung Pao Chicken order. Some sweet and sour chicken does some good work. Don’t eat it during work hours because it will put your to sleep. The eggrolls are pretty good as well. I know they’re not likely homemade, but they’re really solid. The lo mien is damn good as well. All that being said, it’s pretty basic Chinese food, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. I just wish they had more authentic Chinese dishes. Some dishes with thick wheat noodles, peking duck, or maybe even some soups that aren’t egg drop or sweet and sour.


Not much to tell about this place. Giant mirror on one wall, very simple wallpaper on the other. The kitchen is blocked off by a giant plastic wall, which I’m assuming is to keep the kitchen sanitary, but they usually have the back door open, so I don’t know how much good it does. They do the cliche thing of putting pictures of the most popular dishes on near the order desk, so you might be able to point and say “that one.” It’s not a date place, not a place that’s very much fun to eat in. I usually get my food to go anyway.


Big points on their speed. The chef, who often sounds like he’s getting fussed at by the counter lady, is quick at what he does. They will sometimes have another employee back there, but it’s pretty clear that the gentlemen is the main guy doing the cooking. When the counter employee says “ten minutes,” they mean it. To top it off, there’s been a kid in this place for years, who I can only assume is the son of the owners, and now he’s beginning to work. He’s a nice kid, and I think he’s a hard worker from watching him. They all keep very busy. A well-oiled machine.


No brainer. Twenty out of twenty. Anyone who’s been here understand why I’m giving it this score. Seriously, I don’t even know her name, but the lady behind the counter is one of the kindest people I’ve ever encountered at a place like this. Nowadays, she doesn’t even say much, but she just has a mood about herself that’s so kind. She says, “Thank you so much” after you pay, and it sounds extremely sincere. This might seem like a stretch to rate it so high, but trust me, if you go there and talk to her, you’ll understand.


As I said before, all of the Chinese places in Lafayette are, for the most part, the same. Same decor, same ingredients, same menus, etc. but China One’s service puts it a step above the rest. I asked a few friends of my what is the most memorable thing about China One and all of them said the service. I know it’s a small group to ask, but it really does go a long way.



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