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The Good
  • Cheap
  • Cheap?
The Bad
  • Terrible buffet
  • Bad service
  • Not clean

First Impression Review
This is a first impression review. The score is likely to change after further visits.


Magic Wok buffetBefore I even begin talking about the food, I’m going to talk about the price of this place. I paid $7.50 for the buffet. Now look, if you pay $7.50 for a buffet, you shouldn’t expect much. That being said, this was worse than I was expecting. The buffet only had about 16-18 items total. Only about 7 of them would I consider entrees. The three main entrees were basically the same thing three times over, but with different meats. The orange chicken was about 80% breading and 20% “chicken.” The only good thing that I tried that day was the eggrolls, but even that was a stretch. All that being said, this was expected for being a $7.50 buffet. I’m not sure if the regular “to-order” menu would be better, but if the buffet is a sign of what it’s like, I would avoid this place altogether. It’s hard to make it in a town with so many Chinese restaurants, so if your place doesn’t serve up equal or better than the rest, don’t expect to last. I’m surprised Magic Wok has been open as long as it has been.


Magic Wok interiorSo, the front of the building got a remodel a couple of months ago. That’s pretty much the only part of the place that was nice to look at. The entire dining room looked unclean. There were cracks in the pant, stains on the walls and floor, and just a general feeling of uncleanliness. I was disappointed by the restaurant overall. They did try to add some decor to spice it up a bit, but all the walls were white with the occasional fan or plant on or near them. I can deal with a sadly decorated restaurant if the food is good. But it was not. The service followed suit./p>


Well, considering it was a buffet and only three tables were there the entire time, the buffet never ran out of he items on there. I never once heard the kitchen. I feel confident that the kitchen was not needed until later in the day. Seriously, it was bad. I really cannot mark off too much for this category, but nothing really stood out to me.


The waitress greeted me with a simple “only one?” And for those wondering, yes I was eating alone that day. She then pointed at a table for me to sit at and got my drink before I was even able to sit down. I will say this, she was quick to get my drink to me. There’s no way that she makes money from her service, so I guess she goes by just turning over as many tables as she can. There was only 3 tables in the place the entire time. Either way, I likely won’t go back.<


It’s a shame that the restaurant was as dirty and the food was as gross as it was. I never want to see places do badly in Lafayette, but there’s no excuse here. No redeeming features. It was just a bad experience. I really cannot recommend this place to anyway. I’m sorry. I have nothing against this place personally. I just feel it’s important to note that this place is not worth it, even at $7.50.



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