Reve Coffee Review Lafayette

Reve Coffee



The Good
  • Great coffee
  • Cool atmosphere
The Bad
  • Long wait
  • Loud at times



I’m going to focus more on the coffee that I’ve gotten from Reve, but I will mention the pastries and meals they offer. So, I consider myself to know a fair bit about coffee. I’ve got a few friends that have worked at coffee shops for a long time, and I’ve learned their way of thinking over the years. Reve does have great coffee, but there is one flaw when you visit this place. They only offer coffee roasted by Reve itself. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this is one of the reason’s why I like The Lab over Reve. The Lab offers roasters from all over the US, which allows for so many different options. Reve still has great coffee, but the variety will be in the bean/location itself, not the roaster. Either way, the nitro coffee is so good and they have a great pour over as well. If you’re looking for a cool place to sit and have a coffee, Reve is sure to meet your needs.

The treats are good too, from what I’ve tried so far. The Tornado was damn good, and I’ve had a muffin as well. If the flavor and style of these two dishes are any indication of the rest of the items, the food is on point.


It’s such a cool location. Large windows along most of the walls, it’s bright and vibrant, and the styling is very hip. There is a good bit of seating, but I think they could use a little more. That’s just my opinion, because it’s never caused an issue since I’ve been there. The biggest complaint that I have is that the ceilings are really tall and reflective of sound, so it can get very loud in there when the baristas are working hard. More power to them, but if you’re looking to have a quiet conversation, you’ve been warned. Other than that, it’s a pretty hip place to be, and they have pretty comfy cushioned chairs.


I have a story about this in the overall section of the review, but this is my current take on the timeliness. The baristas get busy, and it’s understandable that things might get a little slow, but sometimes it’s a little frustrating at the time it takes. Bare in mind that this is not all the time, at least for me. Luckily, I happen to be a patient person, so I don’t mind waiting a little longer for a good cup of coffee, but some people might not like the wait. If you want to get in and get out, get the nitro infused coffee. It’s one of the fastest things you can order. I can’t complain too much about the speed, but the baristas are a little slow sometimes.


Happily, the service at Reve has gotten better over the time they’ve been open. The past couple of times, it’s been good, but not great. The employee that took our order at the counter didn’t smile at all and wasn’t very friendly. Bare in mind that I think she was just in the zone because it had gotten busy. I didn’t fault her too much for it, but for a first time visitor, that can make a big difference. Other than that, the service is usually strong and they are quick to answer any questions you might have.


Story time. Reve used to be located on Pinhook. They were much smaller than they are now, but they had good coffee then as well. I ordered a pour over coffee at one point and waited an astounding 25 minutes for it. I could understand if they were busy and I just got pushed to the back of the list, but it was pretty slow. The friends that I went with got their coffee within a few minutes. I have no problem waiting, but it was the fact that the barista didn’t apologize for the wait or anything when he finally got my coffee to me. I was not happy about it.

Now, all being said, Reve has since hired a barista that I know, and the service has increased tremendously. Overall, it’s a great place to grab a light lunch, a great coffee, and enjoy a fun atmosphere. They’ve really showed me how passionate they are about their craft.