Bread & Circus Review Lafayette

Bread & Circus Provisions



The Good
  • Fresh food
  • Evolving menu
  • Good sandwiches
  • Awesome fries
The Bad
  • Packed dining room
  • Slow kitchen
  • Bad for lunch if in hurry
  • Expensive

I’ve been to Bread & Circus many times over the year or two that it’s been open. I’ve had some meals that have really impressed me, and some that aren’t anything to shake a stick at. The “Juicy Lucy” burger served on Thursdays was good, but not quite what I was expecting. Less “Juicy,” more regular burger. There are better burger places out there in Lafayette. The sandwiches are incredible though. I’ve had a few of them, and taken bites of other ones, and it’s the real deal. The PCP fries are amazing as well. All this being said, I’ve gone for lunch a few times and I’ll say that if you’re on a budget, avoid Bread & Circus. You cannot get away with spending less than $10, if you’re lucky. Bare in mind that my name is Fatso, so I’m usually getting a sandwich, PCP fries, and a drink. Totalling about $16 or so. That’s a big price to pay for a quick lunch. All that being said, it’s a nice treat to have for lunch. Dinner is a whole different animal. The plates are much larger, more pricey, but very good. It’s an awesome date restaurant.


This place can transform very easily from a casual lunch joint to a nicer and more upper class place during dinner on the weekends. You can visit during the day and have a good sandwich and split some fries, but you can also get gussied up for a nice dinner with the misses and have a good meal with wine, beer, and other delicious assortments. It’s a rare thing to see a restaurant that can transform so well. Kudos for them being able to pull that off and provide that level of service. My biggest complaint is the size of the dining room, especially during dinner service. It’s tightly packed and you don’t get too much elbow room. I also wished that they could close the order window somehow during dinner service. The noise and lighting from the kitchen can dampen the romantic mood of the dining room.


This is one of the sides of the restaurant that causes me to avoid it when I’m in a rush. The lunch rush isn’t too bad, but the last couple of times I went, it was about a 20-25 minute wait for the food. Please note that this is just sandwiches and some PCP fries. The wait was worth it because the food is very good, but don’t go if you’re in a rush. The dinner service is meant to take time because of the slow-paced atmosphere, but waiting an hour for entrees is pushing it a little. Especially when the person I went with that evening get “hangry.” Speaking with someone who is hangry is not a pleasant experience.


The lunch service service is pretty basic. Ordering at the window is relatively quick and the person taking the order has always been nice. This is expected for a lunch place like this. The dinner service is tableside based, which is a nice experience. The servers seem pretty knowledgeable. They tend to get very busy during the dinner service, and it took about 15 minutes to get just a glass of red wine for my friend that was with me at the time. I think our server got distracted, which happens, but she also didn’t come back for us to remind her about the wine for some time. A bit of the damper on the experience, but it got better once we got drinks and an appetizer.


Lunch: this place is a great place for a delicious lunch if you’re looking to spend a little extra for a good sandwich. The lunch pacing is a little slow, so if you’re limited to a 30 minute lunch, this is not the place for you unless you call ahead.
Dinner: this is a great place to have a romantic evening with someone. The food might take a little while, but keep the wine flowing and good conversation going and it’ll be an easy wait. The dinner entrees are very good and the selection is plentiful for multiple pallets. It’ll cost you a pretty penny, but it is worth it in my opinion.