Social Southern Table & Bar Review

Social Southern Table & Bar



The Good
  • Incredible food
  • Beautiful dining room
The Bad
  • Long wait sometimes

I’ll tell you right off the bat, the food at Social is some of the best in town. Seriously, everything is fresh, delicious, and presented well. Prices vary, but you can get away with a damn good burger and fries, minus drink/beer, for $12. Considering the quality of it all, it’s definitely well-priced. The smoked fried chicken and biscuits are fantastic. The brick oven roasted chicken is pretty good as well. They have a great beer selection and a very talented bar staff. The appetizers are pretty good as well. They have a take on poutine, called frites and gravy that’s legit. I just wish we could get actual cheese curds down here in Louisiana, because then we could get a little closer to the Canadian’s version of poutine. I can’t think of a single thing that I’ve eaten at Social that’s not been delicious or very fresh. Side note: a fun option is the “hair of the dog” meal. This is an angus burger with fries, a shot of whiskey, BC powder, and a PBR to wash it all down. Goes great after a night of heavy drinking.


It’s a beautiful place. The entire restaurant is composed of a lighter wood and the lighting is dim enough to be romantic, but bright enough to be able to observe everything else. They have some walls that are some kind of brushed aluminum. They look great. It’s a very comfortable place to be. The tables are well spaced and there’s always elbow room. Something I’ve been trying to make a better note of is the restroom. A clean restroom is a good sign that a restaurant is clean overall. Good news, Social’s restroom was clean. The servers dress in unique little uniforms that consist of an apron, a plaid shirt, and a black bow tie. It really does give the atmosphere a uniqueness.


This is the only area where they suffer sometimes. Please note that I said, “sometimes.” I’ve had a couple of experience where the time of the food arrival was a little long. Bare in mind that it’s totally worth the wait, but it was a little slow nonetheless. The kitchen gets busy, and the food is well presented, so I know that it takes time. Patience is a virtue in this place. Just order a meat and cheese plate to hold you over while you wait. Tell them I sent. They likely don’t know who I am, but tell them anyway.


I’ve had about 4-5 different servers over the time that I’ve visited Social. They must not hire servers that don’t have any experience, but the service is always on point. I’ve had this one blonde female server about 3 times, and she’s damn good at what she does. She’s personable, quick, and best of all, my drink stays full. If you’ve read my reviews, you know that’s a huge pet peeve of mine. I’ve never heard of anyone having a bad service experience at this place. Kudos for that Social.


I’ll say it here and now. No restaurant is perfect, but Social comes close. If the kitchen were sometimes a little faster, this would likely be the highest rated place on the site. It might actually be at this point. Either way, you will not regret coming here. The drinks are strong and delicious, the food is fresh and unique, the service is friendly and on point, and the experience is worthwhile. Take your significant other out on a date here. Trust me on that. Social is definitely top 5 restaurants in the city.