Masala Indian Review Lafayette LA

Masala Indian Kitchen



The Good
  • Good food
  • Great location
  • Good wine selection
The Bad
  • Slow kitchen
  • Lukewarm curry
  • Tad pricey

Considering this is the only Indian place in town, it’s hard to compare it to something besides I’ve made at home, or ate out of town. I know my way around Indian food for the most part though. I had a curry at Masala the last time I went, but I’ve had a couple of other things from there as well. The korma is very good. I had it with lamb at the time. The tandoori chicken is also quite good. I’m a big fan of well-made naan, and Masala makes a very good homemade naan. At least it tastes homemade, but I’ve been mislead before. Overall, I’ve not had a bad thing at Masala. The only complaint that comes to mind immediately is that my curry could have been warmer. It was lukewarm at best.


This is something that I particularly enjoy about this location. The mood in the place is very enjoyable. The lighting is dim, almost too dim, but still very nice to sit in and enjoy a meal. This place is perfect for a date. The table placement gives you enough room for backing your chair out easily, but not enough room to move your elbows freely. If you come with a party that requires people to sit side by side, the space is limited. Still, the dining room is a peaceful place to be. The noise level, besides talking, is reasonable. I saw one woman reading a book in the corner the last time I went, so it must not be too big a distraction.


This is one of the biggest letdowns of my experiences at Masala. The wait time on food is atrocious. The last time I went, I ordered the chicken korma and it took about 45 minutes to get it to me. As much as I was enjoying my company, friendly talking and laughing doesn’t fill the stomach as much as one would hope. This is my biggest complaint. I’ve never gotten food to-go from Masala, but at least I hope orders like this are quicker than inside.


I’ve had good experiences with the service at Masala. The last two times I went, my drink stayed full, especially considering I had to wait a long time for the meal, so it was nice to have it always full. A huge pet-peeve of mine is when a server doesn’t introduce themselves to me. That is really annoying. I want to know the name of the person that is serving me my food. Not for any adverse reason’s, but because I like to refer to my server’s by name if needed.


Masala is the only Indian Restaurant in town, so it has that going for it. There are no others, so there is no competition, but that doesn’t prevent them from doing a good job. I enjoy eating here from time to time. The prices are a little high compared to some of the other Indian places I’ve eaten at out of town, but the flavor is very solid and almost justifies the costs. You might be able to make something about as good as home for the same price, but it’ll be tough. Masala does have some very tasty dishes. As I said, the biggest complaint I have is a slow kitchen, but it’s good overall.



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