Antoni's Italian Cafe Review




The Good
  • Simple menu
  • Good dough
  • Daily specials
The Bad
  • Lacks parking
  • Cheesy dining room

The tomato basil soup antoni'sThe food at Antoni’s pretty solid for what you get. The thing to keep in mind is that there are no “real” Italian restaurants in Lafayette. I’ve heard of a gentleman from Italy that owned a small place off Johnston, but he’s since closed down. Either way, Antoni’s has some decent Italian, but I do have some issues with it. I started with a tomato basil soup. It was okay, but it tasted like it was tomato sauce from a can with cheese in it. I could be wrong, but I just wasn’t impressed. On the other hand, when it comes to the calzone that I ordered, it was delicious.I ordered the Michealangelo The dough appears to be a in house dough. It was flaky and a bit crunchy, but held the calzone together very well. The marinara sauce wasn’t anything to really shake a stick at, but it was good with the calzone. I went with a group of people, and I was able to see a multitude of dishes. The salads looked pretty good, and the pizza looked fresh. Please note that I cannot attest to the taste of these dishes, but they did look nice and were presented well.


I’ll start by saying it’s not a terrible place to be, but it’s really cheesy. The entire side wall is painted with some sort of vista of an Italian villa’s window. It’s looks to be some sort of garden view with the shutters open. I think if they just covered the wall in art, it would be a million times better. The tables and whatnot are a little dated looking, I think that might have been the aim because they’re going for an older and rustic look, but it just looked cheesy. The dining room appeared to be clean and the servers were all wearing clean uniforms.calzone at antoni's


Big points for Antoni’s here. We had a group of about ten or so and they got us in and out within the hour. That’s a sign of a strong kitchen or strong kitchen manager who can direct people correctly. The server balanced the pacing of the meal and everything came out in the right order. So, if your on a lunch break, this is a good place to give a visit if you have a time crunch in mind. Please note that I can’t say it will always work like this, but I can tell from my experience that they seem to have timeliness in mind.


Our server was good, but not great. The only lacking aspect was her personality. She wasn’t the warmest person. I’m not knocking off too many point for that though. She did her job and did it well. I just was hoping that she would have had a little more of a personality. Now, some people might not care about that sort of thing, and that’s totally fine, but I do. Either way, my drink stayed full, our food came out quick, and she always kept an eye on us. Props.


Antoni’s is a nice lunch destination if you’re looking for a quick bite. The dining room could be considered romantic if they dim the lights a bit at night. Might be a good place to take your significant other out on a date. The food is good enough to merit coming back. I’ll be returning one day.





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