The Good
  • Good Italian
  • Great Location
The Bad
  • Terrible Service
  • Messy Dining Room

Romacelli has been around for a while now, and is likely here to stay. I’m okay with this because they really do have some good food. I’ve eaten here quite a few times over the years and never had anything that has really disappointed me. The lasagna I had last time wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but that more preference than anything. It was still decent. The pizza is really good. The caesar salad that I split with my girlfriend was fantastic. But, the best appetizer I’ve had in a long time can be had at Romacelli. Those damn feta cheese rolls are outstanding. Super light and full of flavor, they really make for a great starter. You should order those the next time you visit. You’ll thank me later. The food has always been good here. I’ve never been blown off my chair, but never left unsatisfied. I do plan on going back.


I don’t really have any complaints about the atmosphere in the dining room. There is a lot of natural light that helps the mood of the place. The only real issue is that the dining room could have been cleaner. The floor had a lot of stuff on the floor. Papers, cheese shavings, and other miscellaneous items were on the floor and never swept during our visit. The music was also well chosen and not too loud, thank you Romacelli.


When I say timeliness, I’m more referring to the kitchen, not the server. I’m going to address the server in a minute. The kitchen pushes out food quickly. Sadly, our caesar salad came out late, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the kitchen, and more to do with our terrible server. Overall, it was decently paced and the kitchen appears to have it together.


When it comes to service, there is nothing I hate more than being ignored. Nothing. My girlfriend and myself have both worked in the service industry, and without bragging, we have a decent understanding of time management and service minimums. My most recent server apparently had no idea what was going on. It took her 10 minutes to greet us. Once we were finally greeted, ever visit seemed to be more spaced out after another. Both our drinks sat empty for the majority of the meal. At one point, we stopped another server to ask for more water. It was unreal. The worst part was that our server would constantly stand near us on the other side of the a small divider. I could see her standing there playing on her phone, but I guess she thought I couldn’t. It was a pathetic attempt at best.


Other than the terrible service during our most recent visit, the experience at Romacelli has always been a nice time. The food is good and the restaurant is a nice place to be. I do plan on going back, but if they try to assign the same server to me, I’m going to politely ask to be assigned to someone else.