The Good
  • Delicious food
  • Good location
  • Very charming
The Bad
  • Cramped dining room

full mealI tried Patacon for the first time last week and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I ordered a pulled pork patacone and a chicken empanada. The empanada was fresh and was clearly fried right before I got it. The thing was damn hot. The patacone… my goodness. It was so damn good. The “bread” is a smushed green plantain. The sandwich ingredients were so good. The pork was tender and full of flavor. I asked the employee at the front what the white sauce in the squeeze bottle was. She said, “it’s a mayo base, but that’s all I can tell you. The owner doesn’t want to reveal the recipe.” I can respect that immensely. That sauce was great. The meal itself ran about $10. That for the patacone, empanada, and the bottled sprite. I forgot how good sprite was when sweetened with cane sugar. If the food is this consistent all the time, I’ll be going back. The only real complaint I would have is that the plantain was a little chewy in some spots and crispy in others.




This was a very charming place. I really did like the quaintness of it. There was about 5-6 tables inside and barpatacone top seating around the outside walls. It’s a little cramped in there, especially when there is a good amount of people standing in line waiting to order. I can’t stand when I’m trying to eat and some dude’s butt is in my face because I happen to be eye level with his ass. Other than that, it was a nice place to be. A lot of outdoor light came in through the windows, which made for a great atmosphere overall. Small, but get’s the job done… heh heh. Another complaint I have is that the only thing separating the kitchen from the dining room is a thick fabric sheet. This provides for a fair bit of noise coming into the dining room. It’s not obnoxious, but it’s there.



patacone closeThe food came out quickly and was piping hot. You can clearly tell that everything is made fresh. The empanadas might be pre-formed, but they’re not pre-fried or anything of the sort. I came here during my lunch break and was pleased to get in and get out before I needed to get back to work. The kitchen works quick, and you can hear it well. See the atmosphere section.


When I first walked in, a middle aged woman was in the front. She was very friendly and greeted me. She handed me a menu to look through and was smiling. It was a pleasant experience. The employee who took my order wasn’t nearly as warm, but still cracked a smile once. There was nothing that stood out to me as really negative in the service section of the experience. As I said, the girl who took my order wasn’t the most enthusiastic, but she wasn’t mean or anything like that.



Go check this place out. It’s as simple as that. The food is fantastic. I love the fact that they have a smaller menu. A place that knows what it does and does it well is very commendable in a town where every place has a menu that’s 5 pages long. I know I’m exaggerating, but the point still stands. Patacon is good at a handful of things and they serve the hell out of those things. The service is decent, the dining room is nice, and the experience is worthwhile. Big points from the Fatso.