Blue Agave



The Good
  • Good food
  • Nice atmosphere
  • Great service
The Bad
  • Slow kitchen sometimes
  • Bad location
  • Some boring Tex-Mex

The food at Blue Agave is great. This is one of the better Mexican places in town. Everything tastes very fresh, but I don’t feel like any of the recipes are necessarily original. It’s the same old tex mex you get at all of the Mexican places around town. Blue Agave just does it a little better than the others in a sense of flavor. I do feel like they have some originals or some things that deviate from the norm. Some examples are the Milaneza and the styles of talapia they can do. It’s all very good. They have a pretty good sized menu, but I didn’t feel overwhelmed, which is something I’ve seen more and more of lately.


It’s a nice place to be for the most part. The restaurant appears very narrow considering it’s in a shopping center. I appreciate the decor being subtle. Nothing over the top. Some of the other Mexican restaurants in Lafayette do everything to be as Mexican as possible when it comes to decorations. Luckily, I think Blue Agave has it right because they know they need to be a restaurant first and a Mexican joint second.


This is one of the lesser factors of this place. It takes a little longer than I’d like to get the food out to us. Luckily chips and salsa tide you over until then, but that’s never really been a good excuse in my opinion. The last two times I’ve been to Blue Agave, it’s taken about 30-40 minutes to get my food. Totally worth the wait, but still a longer wait nonetheless.


The service at Blue Agave has always been exceptional. I’ve never had a bad experience at this place when it comes to my server or the hostess. The server kept my drink filled, was friendly, and listened well. The hostess greeted us with a smile appeared very friendly when we spoke with her. It was a pleasant experience. Big points to Blue Agave for the great staff.


The experience at Blue Agave is a good one. The food might take a little longer than usual, but it’s worth the wait because it’s damn good food. The service is very strong and the dining area is a nice place to be. I’d recommend this location for a great first date. Parent beware, this location is child-friendly, but the dining room might be a little small for kids to run around and whatnot. I still think the kids would have a great time though. Overall, the Fatso recommends Blue Agave.