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La Pagua



The Good
  • Great service
  • Unique menu
  • Fairly priced
The Bad
  • Slightly unclean

la pagua salsa fatso reviewI forgot to take a picture of my entrees. Damn it! I don’t usually forget to do that, but I was on a date. My mind was elsewhere. Anyway, the food was fantastic. We ordered white queso to start, which was pretty standard. I love pupusas. In case you don’t know that that is, it’s a stuffed corn flour mash that is cooked on a hot griddle. It’s usually stuffed with pork and cheese, but sometimes it’s other meats. Either way, it’s damn delicious. La Pagua is also good about making some decent tacos. They could stand to do a little more with the salt, but the flavor is overall pretty strong. I love a good beef tongue taco, and La Pagua can satisfy that craving. Be generous with the taco sauces as well. They really do add a lot of flavor. My partner in food ordered the beef fajitas, which we’re really good as well. They have such a unique presentation. Instead of the gimmicky hot skillet, they serve it on a large plate with all the fixing with it on the same plate, instead of a side dish. The onion is just a steamed onion instead of sautéed and it’s served whole. It truly is a unique presentation. I, personally, think it’s better than any sizzling skillet crap that you see at all the other Mexican restaurants around town. Something that I thought was great was that they only have Mexican beer. That might not seem like a big deal, but I really thought it was cool for them to stick to their guns and not give in to having American beers. I’ll say this is likely the best Mexican restaurant in town.


la pagua interior 2It’s simple, but works. There’s nothing that makes the dining room really stand out to me. It’s all pretty basic, including the decor, but that’s okay sometime. The biggest issue I had with the dining room was that it didn’t appear to be completely clean. Our table itself was pretty clean, but the wall next me to wasn’t too clean and the booth seat wasn’t that clean either. It wasn’t dirty to the point where I didn’t want to sit there, but it was enough to make me notice. The bathroom, thankfully, was clean. That’s never a bad thing.


la pagua interior 2The food took a little longer than I thought it should have, but it was nothing substantial. I’m not complaining about it really, but if you’re in a huge rush or something, where minutes make the difference, you might want to be careful coming here. But, if you’re looking for a nice place to just enjoy some company and good food, it’s a great choice. We ordered queso and it came out really quickly. It’s likely fair to say that queso is usually always going to be the fastest thing to come out of a Mexican kitchen, but they did serve it with some freshly fried flour tortillas. So, the queso might have been sitting in a vat, but the chips were nice and fresh. Just to be clear, I have no problems eatings queso from a vat… I’ll eat queso from many different holding containers. I don’t expect made to order queso from any Mexican place.


la pagua outdoor seatingThe service during my most recent visit was awesome. My server was really kind, funny, and even made some great menu suggestions when I told him I loved tacos. He never overstayed his welcome, which is extremely important when a couple is on a date. If you’ve ever been on a date and the server kind of hovered a little too much, it can be quite a turn off for the experience. Our drinks stayed filled and refills were given without having to ask, unless it was a beer. He really did everything right. I recently spoke with a couple of people who said they’ve had bad experiences with the service at La Pagua. Well, I can report that my experience was great. So, if someone says they had a bad experience, take it with a grain of salt and form your own thoughts on it by visiting the restaurant yourself.


It’s not perfect, but it might just be the best Mexican restaurant in all of Lafayette. Blue Agave definitely puts up a solid fight, but I find that some of original dishes on the La Pagua menu make it a little more interesting. Especially with the eggs (huevos) section of the menu. It’s a collection of 4 different egg based dishes that all look tasty. As I said, I feel the decor could use a little stepping up, but other than that, everything there is pretty much spot on for what I look for in a good restaurant. One man’s opinion.