Maya's Mexican Grill Lafayette LA

Maya’s Mexican Kitchen



The Good
  • Good food
  • Inexpensive
  • Good salsa
The Bad
  • Bad location
  • Nothing too original
  • Giant menu

The food at Maya’s is pretty standard mexican fare. It’s pretty good stuff though. This happens to be one of the better Mexican places in town, but I’ve never been blown away by any Mexican places around town in terms of flavor. The salsa is always a staple of a good Mexican place, and Maya’s is solid. I love a good salsa. The food is pretty tasty as well. As usual with most Mexican places, everything is covered in cheese and guac, so that’s the usual. The flavors are pretty standard, but it’s still a good meal if you’re looking for an inexpensive Mexican meal. I think cost to food/flavor ratio is fair here.


Maya’s has a nice dining room with more of that traditional tex-mex flair around it. It’s got that rustic Mexican coloring all over the dining room. That very earthy orange and red, along with some decor that follows the same suit. All of the servers appear to be of latino descent, so that certainly adds to the atmosphere of the place. It doesn’t feel forced in this place, but it does feel like a typical Mexican restaurant. The only thing I really hate is those cheesy “hot hot are you” grip machines in the front. I’ve got a strong grip and can squeeze and stupid handle all day, that doesn’t mean diddly about my looks.


The meal timeliness at Maya’s is very solid. It’s quick, and taste pretty good. I’ve been for dinner and lunch services and my order has always come out in a timely fashion. There is certainly a fine line between food coming out too fast and too slow. Too fast usually is indicative that everything is already pre-made and they just needed to warm it in a microwave or something like that. On the other hand, when it’s too slow, that a sign that the kitchen doesn’t have it’s stuff together.


As I mentioned earlier, all of the servers appear to have some sort of latino descent. Some of them have really thick accents, which I think adds to the experience. But accents and descents aside, the service at Maya’s has always been on point for me. My drink stays filled, the friendliness is there, and overall the service experience is on point.


Maya’s is a good Mexican restaurant here in Lafayette. I believe there is only one place that I would rate higher, but that’s only because they appear to be more authentic. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and tasty Mexican meal, Maya’s won’t disappoint. Good service, good food, and a good time. Plus they have ice cream.