Tampico's Lafayette




The Good
  • Decent location
The Bad
  • Terrible kitchen
  • Terrible management
  • Terrible experience
  • Go next door to Coyote Blues

The chips and salsa was good, but I never got my meal. I’ll save the story for the Overall section at the bottom.


My family and I went to the restaurant on a Wednesday night where Mickey and Minnie Mouse were walking about and taking pictures with the children. Apparently, Mickey and Minnie are about as popular in Lafayette as cayenne and beer because about half the city was packed into this place. Even with a reservation, we had to wait around 30 minutes. Some folks waited longer. The decor of the place was spanish influenced and was okay to look at. The entire staff seemed absolutely panicked.


Zero. My first ever zero. The meal never came. After over two hours of waiting for the meal, it never came. Right as my family decided that this was it, let’s get out of dodge, it showed up. I felt bad for the server. She did what she could, but was screwed over by management.


I want to preface this part of the review by stating that the server did all she could, but she should have asked a manager for help. If she did, and she didn’t get it from them, then let these points not reflect directly onto her, but onto the management staff as a whole. Aside from waiting a long time for the food, the drinks took a fairly long time too, but I think that’s because the server we had was also being asked to bartend as well. I don’t want to dwell on it too much because our server ended up crying, so I felt bad, but I hope she knows we weren’t mad at her. We were just hungry people, with kids, who were ready to eat or leave.


Story time. We had multiple kids with us to meet Mickey and Minnie, which is why we went there. Our server was bartending and waiting on our table, plus a few others in the bar area, so she was swamped. We ordered and waited over an hour before starting to get a little riled up. Nothing over the top, just continuously asking where our food was. The place was packed, so we knew it was going to take some time, but this was pushing it.

After an hour and a half we asked to speak with a manager. He/She never came. Then the server, in an act of what I can only believe to be loss of strength, told us the truth. Apparently the manager asked for our order of about 15 people to be push back after the littler tables were out of the way. I’ve never seen or heard of something so stupid in my life. Are you kidding me? Push a 15 top back to you can serve threes and fours? Not only did Tampico’s lose business that night, but they’ve lost a customer for life out of me. The management needs to get their head from out of their ass.