Deanos Pizza

Deano’s Pizza



The Good
  • Great pizza
  • Strong location
  • Good service
The Bad
  • Little pricey
  • Slow at times
  • Tight dining room (especially south location)

If you’re from Lafayette, you’ve likely eaten Deano’s. If you haven’t, what’s it like living under a rock? The food at Deano’s is delicious. Their pizza is unique. The majority of people love it, but I’ve had a few friends that do not like it at all. The crust is a thinner and crispier crust than many pizza places, but the sauce is damn good with it and the topping plentiful. My personal favorites are the T-Rex and the Cajun Executioner. The other “non-pizza” fare is pretty good as well. I’ve eaten lasagna, spaghetti, and even had a couple of sandwiches from Deano’s over the years. All have been very good, but the pizza is a cut above the rest.


This is a tricky one. The dining room is a little tightly packed in certain areas, so that can be a little bit of a turn off on the meal. Both locations are like this. But the decor, light and overall feeling of the restaurant at the Bertrand location is much better than the South location. I feel like the South location feels fake and forced. The food is still the same, but the atmosphere just isn’t the same.


Over the years, I’ve had a couple of slow experiences at Deano’s, but for the most part, it’s been very consistent. I will go there sometimes with my co-worker’s for lunch and the experience is pretty quick, considering we normally get back to work in a timely fashion. I think whenever the house is packed, the brick ovens get backed up, so the time on the pizzas increases significantly. Most of the time, the speed is on point.


The service at Deano’s has always been pretty spot on. I’ve had one or two servers that weren’t that good, but most of the time it’s pretty solid. The last time I went, the server was fantastic and really on her A-Game. Quick to make jokes back at my group and seemed to be in a good mood. Love what you do, right?


Deano’s is one of my favorite pizza spots in town. The pizza is unique and full of great flavors. The service is usually really solid and the timeliness can be good for a lunch meal. Check this place out if you’re looking for some pies here in Lafayette.



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