Pizza Artista Review Lafayette

Pizza Artista



The Good
  • Good pizza
  • Great concept
  • Lots of options
The Bad
  • Tad expensive

Pizza Artista Pizza Lafayette LALafayette has 10+ places that specialize in pizza. So, places like Pizza Artista better bring the noise when it comes to competing with local favorites like Pizza Village, Dean-Os, and la Pizzeria. Happily, Pizza Artista does make a very good pizza. It’s cooked in an open flame stone oven, so the crust has a nice crunchiness to the bottom, and the topping get cooked enough to be soft. So, on a texture front, the pizza is doing well. A big point that I was impressed by was the amount of toppings available. Some of them are extra, either by $1 or $2. In the goods and bads, I mentioned that it’s a tad expensive. In my opinion, it’s worth it, but it can get expensive. If you’ve ever eaten at Dean-O’s, you know that they load their pizza’s with a ton of toppings. They’re very generous with it. If you were to try to make a “Cajun Executioner” at Pizza Artista, it’ll run you about $11 total. The same pizza at Dean-O’s runs about $14 for the same size. The difference between the two places is that I feel like you get more toppings at Dean-O’s. That being said, I think it’s worth it for both. Pizza Artista’s stone oven helps make that happen. Here’s the strange thing, and this is me being totally honest here… I really looked for a reason to not like Pizza Artista’s pizza. My loyalties usually reside with some of the other pizza’s in town, but I couldn’t find reasons. They seriously have a great product at Pizza Artista. I’m impressed.


One Way Mirror Pizza ArtistaI really like the layout of the restaurant. If you’ve ever read my reviews before, you know that I’m a fan of natural lighting. Pizza Artista delivers. The front of the building is all nice windows that are kept clean, thankfully. The decor is nice, simple and easy on the eyes. They have wooden pizza paddles on the walls that have burned in words to signify where things are. They seem to just put the bear necessities on the walls, and I like that. I cannot stand when walls are completely covered in crap from top to bottom. That being said, I don’t care what anyone says, the one way mirror in the men’s restroom is creepy as hell. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to put a one way mirror in a men’s restroom? There was a woman standing right in front of the window when I went to take my photo, so I really didn’t want to come off that strangely. It’s just ridiculous. Other than that, the atmosphere is nice and enjoyable.


Inside pizza artistaConsidering this place is like a Subway for pizza, the timeliness isn’t really a factor. It’s usually quick. My experience this time was a tiny bit slower than the last time I went because they happen to have a bunch of call in orders right when I was about to start making my pizza. Even though that was the case, it was still pretty quick considering how busy the place was. They have quite a lot of employees working, so that helps keeps the process rolling quickly. Much respect for the speed and pacing that these guys work.


The service at Pizza Artista is great. I can’t deny that. I did laugh hard whenever my friend and I went and the employee taking our orders greeted us in the exact same way. And not just following the script of it, but I mean it almost sounded like a recording. That kind of stuff doesn’t bother me, I just thought it was funny. The employees that build your pizza are friendly, the cashout employee is kind as well. I’ve not had a bad experience with the service here. I cannot fault them at all. Perfect score from me.


I’m going to be honest again. I really really didn’t want to like this place as much as I did. I sat here writing this review trying to be nitpicky, and couldn’t do it. Pizza Artista serves a great product, at a decent price, provides great service, and is has an awesome business model. I can honestly say they’re one of my new favorite places in town. I didn’t think they would have gotten an A from me, but they did. They earned it. The only real criticism I could give is to get rid of that creepy one way mirror. Other than that, good points all around. Keep it up!