Cafe 329



The Good
  • Solid poboy
  • Plate lunches
The Bad
  • Tad expensive
  • Boring interior

So far, I’ve visited Cafe 329 about 3-4 times and the food has been pretty good each time. Nothing to stop the presses about, but a relatively enjoyable meal. The poboys are good enough. I’ve had the supreme and the ham & roast beef. I’ve also had a hamburger as well. My biggest complaint is not the main course, but it’s the fries. Once again, I love fries. It doesn’t take much to make homemade fries. The fries at Cafe 329 are basically frozen crinkle cuts. They’re not that good. Put some ketchup on them and they’re edible. They use Langlinais french bread for the poboys. That’s a good sign. That bread is amazing. You can get away with spending around $10 for a good sized meal.


This place feels kind of weird, but not bad. The building is one of those metal sided buildings and it almost feels like a big warehouse that has been converted to a restaurant. It’s not bad, it’s just a really tall building with a completely open kitchen. The kitchen can get pretty loud at times. There’s plenty of seating and it’s a spacious dining room. There’s a good amount of outdoor seating as well. This place is pretty large for a lunch place. There’s nothing that really makes the atmosphere remembered to me besides the size.


They have a fair bit of staff working and a drive through. The kitchen has it together when it comes to the speed. I’ve never had to wait a long time for my food. The longest was probably about 12-15 minutes. From what I’ve seem, the plate lunch come out very fast, so if you’re really in a time crunch, those are the way to go. Or just call ahead.


I might as well mention this here. I don’t care much for open kitchen. I don’t mind a kitchen window, but if there’s nothing separating you and the cook staff besides a waist high counter, it can be irritating. For a multitude of reasons. The noise from the kitchen can be loud and distracting, especially if you might be trying to have a conversation with someone. To top it off, getting the occasional glare from a cook or prep worker is odd to me. I’m not that kind of socially awkward person, so it doesn’t bother me, but I image it might bother others. Image someone staring at you while you typed up a report or something. Odd right. Other than that, the service is good enough at Cafe 329. The employees who take the orders are friendly and usually take the order quickly.


Cafe 329 is a nice lunch place to get a quick bite for a relatively inexpensive price. $10+ might be a little high to some, but that’s only if you go ham like I do and order a bigger meal. People with smaller appetites might get away with spending about $7. Plenty of seating, Langlinais bread, solid food overall. Not a bad place to be.



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