Olde Tyme Grocery Poboy Review

Olde Tyme Grocery



The Good
  • Great poboys
  • Fairly priced
  • Charming place
The Bad
  • Long lines
  • Cash/check only

If you’ve lived in Lafayette for a long time, or Googled good food before coming, you’ve likely heard of Olde Tyme grocery. The poboys here are famous and are considered a Lafayette staple. The poboys are pretty good. I’ve tried most of the regular ones. I love the Olde Tyme special. I’m a sucker for ham and roast beef. The bread is pretty chewy, which is usually a good thing when comes to poboys. It’s not overly chewy, but has a fair bite. I wish they baked the poboy to make it crispy and make the bread a little less soggy. But the flavor is pretty on point. The fries are really good as well. They’re fresh and homemade, which helps a lot.


The lobby is a bit cramped when it get busy, but that’s expected for a place that’s considered to have some of the best poboys in town. Not to mention, it’s on UL’s campus, so it’s a bit packed with students and the general public alike. The decor is nice and is UL themed. I like the charm of the place. The outdoor seating is nice if you can find a shady place. The only crappy part is that they don’t take cards. They have an ATM that can give you some cash, but it charges a fee.


The wait usually isn’t too long and the kitchen usually is on point when it comes to getting food out quick enough to meet demand. The order window takes some time to get through, especially when it’s busy, but I don’t think I can really blame the kitchen for that. I’ve had a couple of experiences where I think they forgot about my order and I had to go ask for it, but they usually get it to me pretty quickly.


The employees who take the orders are friendly. As friendly as they can be when they’re that busy. They hold themselves together well enough to enjoy the service. They have a person who will usually come and deliver your food too if you choose not to wait by the counter to get it. I don’t have anything negative to say about the service for the most part.


I go into my reviews without bias. Or at least I try to. I love Olde Tyme. It’s not my favorite poboy, but it is a great place to get a great poboy. Good food, good service, and a great location. If you’re looking for a lot of food for a good price, Olde Tyme has you covered. Give them a visit. You won’t regret it.