Pop's Poboys Review Lafayette

Pop’s Poboys



The Good
  • Great poboys
  • Solid service
  • Good menu variation
The Bad
  • Slow kitchen
  • Expensive
  • Tough parking

The poboys at Pop’s are some of the better poboys in town. As with most poboy places in town, the bread is Langlanais bread, so you know it will resemble quite a lot of poboys around town when it comes to the bread. It’s the fillings that are going to separate the strong from the weak. Happily, Pop’s is very very strong. I’ve had a few of the poboys, but one of my favorite’s is the Jack Special. A classic around here and New Orleans. Ham, turkey and roast beef “debris.” My biggest complaint is that the prices are a little high for poboys. For those who might not know, po’ boy is the original spelling of the the word, and it’s a combination of the words poor and boy. Back during the late 1800s during a street car operators strike, the Martin brother would serve sandwiches to their former collegues. They would call them “poor boys.” Thus, the sandwich took on the name. The point I’m trying to make is that the sandwiches are really expensive at Pop’s compared to some of the other places around town. Considering I’m the Fatso, I can put away a footlong, fries, and a drink. The footlong Jack Special, plus the fries, and then plus a delicious Swmap Pop soda with set you back just under $20. Now, that’s a heavy price to pay for a lunch. They do offer dinner services from Thursday to Saturday. I still think it’s a very heavy cost for lunch.


The atmosphere is nice at Pop’s. They have a good amount of tables, so that you don’t usually need to wait long for a place to sit if you decide to dine in. The space at the front of the restaurant is pretty big, but during the lunch rush, it can feel pretty cramped up there. The lighting is nicely done and it’s a comfortable place. It’s a little hectic at times and the staff looks rushed, so it brings the mood down a little, but that’s primarily during lunch rushes.


This is always my biggest gripe about Pop’s. It takes a really long time to order your food if you don’t call ahead. The most recent time I went, it took nearly 25 minutes to get my Jack Special, fries, and drink. It’s really frustrating because I happened to be on my lunch break at the time. I had to rush to get back to the office, eat pretty quickly, and then get back to work after stuffing the food down my mouth. The food was delicious, so that helped, but I wasn’t able to savor it the way I would have liked.


The people behind the counter were really nice, but the service never stood out to me as being extraordinary. I’m pretty easy to satisfy, so if I get a smile and a hello, I’m usually not going to mark the points too low. Now, on the other hand, the way that a restaurant gets higher points than usual is by giving me exceptional service, something that Pop’s failed to do. The service was a little slow, but I was expecting that considering the rush of one of the particular lunch services I attended.


These poboys is some of the better poboys in town, and the sides are solid as well, but the price is a bit high to ask for bread and sandwich meat. You can drive a little bit down the road and hit up Chris’, which might not be as good, but will cost you about $14 vs the $20 that you’ll spend at Pop’s for the same meal. Or even a classic Lafayette staple Olde Tyme Grocery. The bread is similar to Langlinais, but a little softer, and the poboys are cheaper and usually bigger in portion.

In case you didn’t know, I love french fries. I really do. Which is why I get annoyed when places charge more than what they’re worth. Pop’s charges $4 for a relatively okay sized portion of skinny fries. They were good, but $4 is almost as much as an entire 10 lbs bag of russet potatoes. I just can’t see where they justify that cost. There is nothing you can do to a damn potato to make it worth more than the cost of a bag of russets at the store. Sorry, I just can’t see it.



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