la Madeleine Review Lafayette LA

la Madeleine



The Good
  • Great Service
  • Decent Sandwiches
The Bad
  • LukewarmSoup
  • Slightly Expensive

First Impression Review
This is a first impression review. The score is likely to change after further visits.


la madeleine french dipI had been meaning to visit la Madeleine for a long time, but I never really felt the need to make the trip. I had heard a couple of mumblings about the quality, but no had ever said, “you really need to go here.” A friend of mine really likes soup, so he was going for lunch one day and I decided to join him. The food was pretty good. At the recommendation of my friend, I tried two different soups, just to get an idea of what the fuss was all about. I ordered a french dip with a cup of potato soup, and a cup of cream of mushroom. It wasn’t too bad. A little pricey at $15, but I did sub a side for the extra soup. The cream of mushroom soup was actually lukewarm when I got it, and the potato was scalding hot. If they’re using a hot pots to keep the soups at temperature, the cream of mushroom pot has something wrong. The soups were pretty good though. They had bread near the drink machines that went really well with the soup. The sandwich was okay, but I don’t know if it was a $10 sandwich. The flavor was decent, but nothing spectacular. I felt like the meat wasn’t very well-seasoned. The actual au jus was pretty solid, but the meat lacked. The bun was pretty good though. I just know that I won’t order it again. I do love a good french dip, so I’m pretty strong minded about how they should be.


la madeleine sandwichI really liked the layout of this place. It was cozy. It definitely felt like a french bistro inside. There was a little fireplace in the middle that was lit. (a bit unnecessary in southern Louisiana) There was a lot of nice decorations that tied the dining room together. I did enjoy the clear window that showed gentlemen working on something. I’m sorry to say that my memory has failed me as to what he was making, but I believe it was bread. Please take that with a grain of salt, as I was more focused on the menu when I walked by him. Either way, the dining room was clean and a nice place to be. The only complain I would have is that the chairs were really uncomfortable.


la madeleine interior 1Our food came out quickly and without issues. There was a table running that runs the food out to tables because they give you a number with your receipt. The runner checked on us, asked us if we needed anything, and then went right back to running around. It was a pleasant encounter. The kitchen could be seem through the serving window where the runners would pick up the food. Those were some hard working people in the back. It was the middle lunch time, so they were definitely busy. It’s always good to see some strong hustle.


la madeleine interior 2Every employee that I interacted with was fantastic. The counter woman was very friendly and kind. The food runner was great. Even the manager came to our table to check in on us. It was a sincerely great experience overall. Even if the food wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, I’m more than likely to go back just because my experience was so nice. I really do look forward to it.


Like I said, the sandwich wasn’t the best, and the price was a little high for a regular lunch destination, but I think this would be a nice treat to have every so often. Not only for the service, but for the overall experience. I don’t work very far from here anyway, so I am more than likely to go back sooner than later. When I do, I’ll update my review if the food impresses me more. I’m looking forward to it. I didn’t think it would get an A, but it did, and they earned it.