Newk's Eatery Review Lafayette

Newk’s Eatery



The Good
  • Quick service
  • Good sandwiches
  • Fair prices
The Bad
  • Boring decor
  • Lazy kitchen
  • Tasteless pizza

The sandwiches at Newk’s are surprisingly good. I ended up ordering The Royal Club which is a very solid sandwich. Everything tasted pretty fresh. On the side of the sandwich I got a side of pimento mac and cheese, which was pretty damn good. Now, I’ve since gone back and ordered a pizza and wasn’t impressed. The pizza was haphazardly thrown onto the plate and ended up getting crumpled together. It was pretty tasteless and I know what not to order now. The sandwich was great. The pizza was not. They have a pretty wide selection of drinks and a huge menu. The menu had a little something for everyone. There’s not many people who can come to a place like this and not find something they want. There was even a pretty good sized kids menu, for all you parents out there. That being said, sometimes having such a large menu can be a bad thing in some cases.


The atmosphere was nothing incredible, but also nothing to lose your mind over. The lighting was well placed and I didn’t see any areas that appeared to be overly dim. The layout wasn’t cramped, so there was room to move about and even have a decent conversion. The only real complaint I had was that the decor was kind of boring. It looked like it came from a 90s TV commercial. It wasn’t harsh to look at, but wasn’t very eye appealing as well. It was also very clean, which I always attribute to the atmosphere. If you’ve ever sat down in a dirty restaurant, you know how quickly it can bring the atmosphere down.


I went during the dinner rush around 6:30 or so and my meal was to me in a fairly short period of time. I was very pleased with the speed of the meal, especially considering that two people in my party ordered single person pizza’s, which is what I was expecting to take the longest. It seems like the kitchen is well run and maintained well. I was also very pleased with the fact that the kids meals came out before the adults. That means a whole lot to parents, according to my sister who was the parent of the children in my party. Big ups to Newk’s for being child conscience.


The service was solid, but nothing extraordinary. A few extra points because the manager was out on the floor making sure everyone was taken care of. He didn’t come talk to us directly, but have a managerial presence on the floor is always something I enjoy seeing. The desk worker that greeted us was friendly and smiled, so that’s always a big plus, and read our order back to us, which is another big plus. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve had an order messed up because the worker didn’t read it back to me for me to verify that it’s right. Kudos.


Newk’s is a great place to get a bite with the family. Whether you’re looking for something to bring the kids to so that you don’t have to cook, or you’re just hungry yourself and want a big sandwich, this place has got it going on. It’s not the best sandwich in Lafayette, but it’s competitively priced and worth it in a pinch. The service is solid, the place is clean, and the food is good. Check them out if you’re near the mall or Academy.



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