Roly Poly Sign

Roly Poly



The Good
  • Incredible service
  • Very Clean
  • Local Flair
The Bad
  • Tad expensive

Roly Poly Cajun ClubTo start, I’m not gonna lie, I made a mistake and ordered this wrap hot. I should have ordered it cold. I ordered the Cajun Club, which was good, but had some flaws when served hot. The flaws included the lettuce not really working well in a hot sandwich, all the juices from the veggies leaking everywhere and making a huge mess, and it fell apart because of it. That being said, the flavor was pretty great and if I had ordered it cold, I’m pretty sure this would have been amazing. As you all know, I factor price into the food section of the FATSO system. The prices here are a little high for my tastes, especially when it comes to a lunch place. I think that the wrap was just a little bit overpriced, but the side combo was ridiculous. $3.45 to add a medium drink and a small bag of chips. That highway robbery. Honestly, you’re better off going across the street to Champagnes Market and getting a coke and bag of chips there. You’d definitely spend less. I know it seems petty to complain about that, but it takes a $7.50 wrap and turns it into an $11 meal. Oh, and don’t even think of adding a cup of soup and soda to the meal. That’ll set you back $5.25. Turning your lunch into a near $15 meal. That’s a high price to pay in my opinion. I’ve ordered quite a few different wraps from Roly Poly before, and they’ve all been pretty good. When it comes to that, they have it all together. There sides are way overpriced. I’m marking off for this.


Roly Poly InteriorI love the interior of this place. While Roly Poly might be a chain place, the owner has really outdone himself in making sure the local feel is high. There is a ton of UL memorabilia on the walls. Letters, business cards, photos and other various things make the interior of this place feel like you’re eating in someone’s home. The place was very clean and orderly. The only real issue that I have with this place was that it was very small. You’re eating on top of people and that’s not a very comfortable thing. You can hear all conversations and if you choose to listen in, eavesdrop. Not my cup of tea. People need space when they eat. Not a lot, but enough.


My wrap came out within a reasonable amount of time. I had taken my seat and got the wrap within about 10 minutes or so. Most likely less, but I got distracted with my phone. Honestly, there is nothing negative to say there. The sandwich came out hot, quick, and was delivered by one of the employees in the back. No marks here.


This was some of the best service that I’ve ever received from a restaurant in my entire life. I’m not being funny or dramatic. First things first, the owner himself was behind the counter taking orders. If you’ve seen my Broddus Burgers review, you know that I have huge respect for business owners who work along side their employees. Matt was his name. He was extremely friendly, helpful, and clearly cared immensely about his business. Even the employee who delivered my wrap to me was very friendly. You can tell that service means a lot to Matt. It was refreshing to have someone treat you like customer who had been going there for years, even though I’ve only been there a handful of times. Perfect score here, without doubt.


I think Roly Poly is one of the better places to get a good sandwich or wrap in Lafayette. If the prices were a little lower, it would have almost a perfect score. I was seriously blown away by the service here and plan on going back just to experience it again if I can. This place is great. I think it’s worthy of the A. Great job Roly Poly.