rusted rooster outside

Rusted Rooster



The Good
  • Great food
  • Decent service
  • Charming place
The Bad
  • Slow kitchen
  • Unprepared (See Overall)

I’ve not had a biscuit this good in a while. I had a burger there a year ago or so, but I don’t feel comfortable including my thoughts on it in this review because it’s been a long time. I’ll have to stick to the breakfast that I’ve had there lately. It’s been some damn good stuff. I had the gravy train with a side of grits today. The gravy train consists of a piece of fried chicken breast in a biscuit and then covered in white gravy. The flavor was outstanding. They have a pretty dense biscuit, but they aren’t huge, but they’re likely going to fill you up. The gravy was thick and heavy and went with the biscuit so well. You can tell that everything is homemade at the Rusted Rooster. The grits were really great too. Something to note about grits is that they’re actually very easy to mess up. These were great. My biggest complaint is that the gravy and biscuit could have been warmer. The chicken was very fresh and just came our the grease, so it was piping hot, but the rest was a little cooler. They also could have put more gravy. If you’re going to do it, do it big.


This is a tiny place. The kitchen is tiny, the dining room is tiny, but it doesn’t feel packed or anything. That’s a pretty impressive feat. I appreciate the charm of this place so much. When you’re so close to the kitchen, it allows you to see what it’s like when they’re hustling. The kitchen can get a little loud at time, but I found that it never got to unbearable levels. Please note that the breakfast crowd was a little less than I was expecting, so perhaps when lunch hits, the crowd gets louder. There aren’t many tables in the place, and there’s a couple of tables outside. As I said, it’s a very charming place with a lot of Lafayette flair. It’s basically on campus, and I didn’t see any purple and gold, so there’s a plus.


I was disappointed in the time it took my food to come out. It was about 20-25 minutes from time of ordering until I got my food. I would have been okay with this if they were packed and had a ton of orders, but there was about 6-7 people in the restaurant, and I don’t think they were working on togo orders or something. I looked into the kitchen on occasion, and they appeared to be hustling, but the amount of customers in the place didn’t explain why.


The server that took care of me was great. She was very kind and kept a good eye on me. My drink never went empty and she made sure to answer all my questions. She assured me the food was coming after about 20 minutes of waiting, and the food did come within 5 minutes after that. That’s a good sign that she was watching the kitchen closely or keeping a general eye on the food. I have no complaints about the service.


In the “Goods and Bads” at the top of the review, I mentioned that they were unprepared. I figured I’d grab a dozen biscuits and bring them to the office for my co-workers to enjoy. I asked the server if they could get it for me and she asked the kitchen. As it turns out, I couldn’t. She said that I have to call ahead for those kinds of orders. My first issue with that is that they had that on the menu as a specific item under the biscuit options. If you have something on the menu, make sure you can fill the order. At the end of the day, one of the primary things that surprises me is that Rusted Rooster’s menu composes of a lot of biscuit dishes. They didn’t have more than a dozen biscuits to spare for the day? I can go to Edie’s at any time and order as many biscuits as I want and they won’t even bat an eye. I only wanted a dozen and they couldn’t deliver. I’m very disappointed in Rusted Rooster for this. I tried to give you my money and I was turned away.

The food is great. The service is great. The restaurant is charming. But the kitchen comes off as weak to me.