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Which Wich



The Good
  • Solid sandwich
  • Pretty clean
The Bad
  • Indifferent about service

First Impression Review
This is a first impression review. The score is likely to change after further visits.


I liked the sandwich from Which Wich. Seriously, it was a pretty solid sandwich. I ordered The Wicked sandwich. The thing had Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Pepperoni, Bacon and three cheeses. The sandwich was $6.75 without taxes. That’s actually a pretty good deal in my opinion. It’s $10 for the 10 inch sandwich. That price is a little more expensive per inch, but still a decent price considering the sandwich has as much meat and cheese as it does. It’s a single layer of everything, but it adds up pretty quick with that much. I think the only real problems I had with it was that the bread wasn’t that good overall. Didn’t really offer much flavor. That’s the only issue I could think of.


The place seemed pretty clean. The employee that was sweeping the dining room was sweeping, but left a ton of stuff on the floor. She seemed to be moving pretty slowly. The tables appeared to be clean, as did most of the surfaces. I didn’t take a heavy peek into the kitchen area. The decor was pretty nice with yellow signs all over. They even had a interesting yellow UL logo. It might not be those pretty reds, but it was a nice take on the sign. Overall, it wasn’t too unclean and the look of the place was themed really well.


Considering I was one of two tables in the entire place, I wasn’t expecting my sandwich to take too long. It didn’t, thankfully. I really cannot comment too much on speed of the place considering everything was in order. I’m going to keep this section short.


The employee who took my order wasn’t very friendly and didn’t really say much to me. It was a lackluster experience overall. The employee didn’t say much to me and wasn’t in any hurry from the looks of it. He kind of walked without purpose. Look, is that a big deal to me? Not really. But some people get turned off about a restaurant if they don’t seem to put forth an image of caring. I don’t really have anything really negative to say, but I don’t have anything positive either.


It’s a decent sandwich at Which Wich, but the bread needs to be better. It brings the sandwich down, but the meat and cheese within the sandwich helped to bring it back up. The service could stand to be better. My next review is going to be Roly Poly. The service there was incredible. I can say I know where the bar stands. Does every place need to be held to that standard? No. But does it help whenever they at least strive for it.



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