Bonefish Grill Review Lafayette LA

Bonefish Grill



The Good
  • Tasty food
  • Very Clean
The Bad
  • Soggy fish
  • Slow Service

Bonefish Grill Fish and Chips“Hey, if you go to Bonefish, you gotta get the bang bang shrimp.” I swear, I’ve heard about 8000 people tell me that in the past. For some reason, the first few times that I went, I didn’t get it. Maybe it was because I wasn’t in the mood for shrimp. Maybe it’s because I did it out of spite. Either way, my latest trip to Bonefish Grill saw the ordering of the bang bang shrimp. Was it the best thing I’ve ever tasted? No. Was it pretty damn good? Yes. But, I’m not worried about the bang bang shrimp. I’ve more worried about the main course, and I was sadly disappointed. I ordered the “fish and chips.” Which is fried fish and french fries to the American readers around here. The fries were solid enough, as they were homemade and really fresh.Bonefish Grill Bang Bang Shrimp But, the fish… Oh, the fish. They used a tempura batter, which had a decent flavor, but it was clear that the they hadn’t fried it right because the batter was extremely soggy. The fish was really hot, which was nice, but the batter was falling off the fish before I could actually finish up the meal. Now, I watched as my friends ordered a burger, and some tacos, and a couple of other things. I honestly think I’ll order that the next time I visit. But, for the time being, I know that their fish and chips attempt was mediocre at best.


Bonefish Grill ReviewI love this place. It’s super clean, very organized, and there is plenty of breathing room. Tables aren’t really stacked into one another, and even the tables were big enough to sit my entire party comfortably. The decor of the restaurant is simple, but works well. There is fish-like structures and things all over the walls, along with other art installations. The menu is not too extensive, but is decently affordable. Especially for being right in the heart of River Ranch. The only issue I had was the chairs themselves. The chairs were really uncomfortable. The kind of dug into my back, especially considering I’m a decently big dude. I’m not saying that restaurants have to cater to large people, I’m just pointing out that I was uncomfortable.


Bonefish Grill Chicken BreastAs far as the timeliness of the kitchen, they were right on point. Bread and dipping olive oil with spices came out immediately. The bang bang shrimp was out in a flash, and was steaming hot. The entrees also came about at a really quick pace, which was especially important considering my visit was during the lunch rush. The restaurant hadn’t filled up or anything, but the speed at which the kitchen was pushing out meals was on point. I honestly cannot find any fault with the pacing of the meal. But, there is a big problem with the pacing of the service, which I will address in the next paragraph.


Bonefish Grill tacosWhile our server was very kind and clearly knew what he was doing, he had no care at all about getting us out of there so that we could get back to work. After we got out meals and were ready to pay, we had to wait about 20 minutes just to get the bill. Luckily, we were with good company, so it was okay and the time flew by. I’m always looking at my watch though, so after about 20 minutes of waiting for the bill, it became an irritation more than just something to notice. The worst part is that the server didn’t stop by and reassure us about anything. He wouldn’t acknowledge us until the bills were actually in his hands. He surely got the bills paid for quickly though. Here’s something to note about my personal preference, and I’m sure many people share this sentiment. If the server just stops by and says, “hey, I’m getting your bills together as soon as I can. I’ll be just a couple more minutes.” I’m okay with this. At least at that point I’m not kept in the dark.


Bonefish Grill Interior 2The meal was a good experience overall, aside from a few little hiccups. The food was decent, but if I were you, I’d avoid the fish and chips. Try one of the grilled fish meals, or perhaps some fish tacos. I think those would likely go over better. I think this is a fantastic restaurant though, and I do plan on going back. The few issues I had wouldn’t keep me away for long.