Tsunami Review Lafayette




The Good
  • Incredible sushi
  • Great atmosphere
  • Fantastic service
The Bad
  • Pricey
  • Sometimes long wait

tsunami sushi reviewSushi is not my go-to food. I think that’s primarily because the sushi in Lafayette is usually pretty boring. With that said, Tsunami easily holds the title of best sushi in Lafayette. They’re willing to experiment with a lot of strange choices, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have good classic stuff as well. I always order a couple of pieces of nigiri sushi to make sure that a sushi place has it’s basics in order. The elaborate stuff is always impressive, but nothing beats just a simple rice and fish pice. If a chef can bring the noise with something like this, then they’ll have my business. Happily, Tsunami accomplishes this goal really well. Tsunami has a fresh flavor, a fantastic presentation, and a skill that only a couple of sushi restaurants in Lafayette come close to. They hire strong chefs at Tsunami, so it would make sense that the sushi holds up. As I said in the bad section above, this is the best sushi in town, so you’re going to pay for it. My sister and I ordered 3 specialty rolls, 1 classic roll, two pieces of nigiri, and a couple of beers. Our total for the meal was about $75, not including tip. That’s a pricey meal, but worth it. I’m a person who appreciates and enjoys sushi, but usually doesn’t order it because I don’t usually want to pay the price for mediocre sushi around town. Tsunami changes that. I’m willing to pay the price for their sushi. It’s expensive, but good. Just know that if you’re on a budget, you might not have the easiest time eating here.


Tsunami review sushi restaurantI love the atmosphere here. The decor is perfect. It’s not so over-the-top in Asian culture that it’s in your face the entire meal, but it’s subtle and nice to look at when you’re not looking at the meal or company. The bamboo in the front is a nice touch and kind of a makes a faux wall to separate the waiting area from the main dining hall. The only real complaint I have is that it’s a little jam packed in there. they tried to squeeze as many tables in there as possible. There is an okay amount of walking room, but a lack of elbow room. That being said, this place is an awesome date restaurant. Seriously, if you want to impress a girl that you’re dating, take her here. If she’s not impressed by the experience, just show her the bill. That would impress me. I couldn’t resist with that joke.


tsunami inter2Great news here. Remember how I mentioned earlier that they hire great chefs? This is also reflected here. They can pump out some rolls in a timely fashion. Look, sushi is an art, don’t get me wrong, but I cannot stand waiting 45 minutes to an hour on rolls from some other places. We got our sushi during this visit in about 15-20 minutes flat. I was really impressed. I don’t go to Tsunami to order anything other than sushi, so I cannot attest to how fast some of the other items from the kitchen come out, but I can say that the sushi comes out quickly and well made. I think it’s because make sure to delegate the work properly. I’ve had to wait a while one time before, but I was part of a 15 person party. It still came out quick considering.


More good news. They hire great servers too. My recent server was amazing. She was friendly, informative, and great at her job. My drink never ran empty. I even had some stupid questions to ask and she answered them without hesitation. It was really refreshing to have such a great service experience. I was extremely happy. I cannot find a single fault. Even the busser came to clear our table and asked us if we needed anything. Huge points and big respect here.


Big shout outs to my sister for this meal. It was a good one. Seriously, if you’re looking for a great experience and some tasty sushi, this is the place to go. You might spend a good amount of cash on it, but it’ll be worth it in the end. You might end up having to wait a little bit during the weekend dinner rushes, but other than that, it’s a great place to be. I recommend this place to all sushi lovers in Lafayette. Go check it out.