Pamplona Tapas Bar Lafayette

Pamplona Tapas Bar



The Good
  • Fantastic food
  • Great bar drinks
  • Wonderful atmosphere
The Bad
  • Slow kitchen sometimes
  • Little pricey

There is only one good tapas bar in Lafayette, and Pamplona nails it well. For those who don’t know, tapas refers to a Spanish style of meal in which the meal consists of snacks/appetizers. Pamplona has some incredibly great food. I can’t think of a bad thing that I’ve had there, especially considering I’ve had so many different things. I’ll list a few. The duck fat fries, the garlic shrimp, albondigas, bacon wrapped dates, lamb sliders, and some great cocktails. Everything was tasty. This is an awesome place to share a bite with some friends.


The styling of the restaurant was very well done. The lighting is perfect and the decor is really well done. The tables are kind of close together, but not to the point that I was uncomfortable. Just enough to make me wish I could have had a private conversation without the person next to me having the chance of hearing me. Other than that, the dining room is a great place to be.


The time it takes for the meal to get to the table is a little rough sometimes. Worth it, but at one point it took about 40 minutes for us to get one of the tapas to us. I’m not going to make a fuss over it, especially considering you’re likely going to go to a place like this with some friends, so the company should keep you going until the meal comes out. I’ve not been to this location during the lunch rush, so I can’t attest to if it’s a good place to go if you’ve got an hour break or something, but the dinner pacing might not be a good sign. Bare in mind that my opinion on this is not based on fact.


The service has always been great from my experiences. My servers have been professional, courteous, and good at what they do. The bartenders appear to keep very busy, but they all seem to keep their cool during the rush, as do the servers. My last server looked to have about 5-6 tables at once and handled it in stride. Very good service, big points from the Fatso.


Pamplona is one of the better places to eat in town. Seriously, check this place out. The food is great when you split it with some good friends. I can honestly say that this happens to be one of my favorites in town. Do yourself a favor and take your next date or wife to this place to really impress her.



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