Chipotle Sign




The Good
  • Huge portions
  • Decently priced
The Bad
  • Hit/miss service

Chipotle MealI know I know it’s a chain place. But that doesn’t matter to me. I had to write this review for the post I’ll be publishing next week. Izzo’s vs Chipotle! It’s on! Anyway, onto the food at Chipotle. I’m not going to lie, this was a damn fine burrito. The thing was freaking huge! When they put a scoop of something in your burrito, they do not play around. I ordered a steak burrito with spicy salsa, black beans, white rice, cheese, and pico. That was a super tasty burrito. All the burrito ingredients worked well together and tasted fresh. The chips and salsa I ordered, on the other hand, was not. The chips were stale. Seriously, they had barely any crunch to this. It was a big disappointment. The price for the whole meal, including the drink, was about $10, so that wasn’t too bad. I would say that I have three major complaints. Stale chips is number one. They aren’t fried in house from the looks of it. I’ve read online that they do, so I’m probably wrong about that. But, you wouldn’t be able to tell by trying them. And the third complaint is NO QUESO! I’ve gotten spoiled by Izzo’s. Get it together Chipotle.


Chipotle InteriorI like the design of the place. It’s pretty cut and paste from of the other Chipotle’s I’ve eaten at. Most of the decor is wooden and the design of the place is usually the same. It was relatively clean. The drink station had a little bit of messiness, but overall the place was clean. It might seem petty, but I really like the trash cans here because they’re easy to stuff your trash into. That’s a complaint I have about Izzo’s. You’ll see in the match up post coming next week. The other big complaint I had was that the employees were having pretty loud conversations in the kitchen area. That area is open to the dining room, so the conversations were a bit distracting.


Considering it’s a made to order place where they prepare your meal right in front of you, there’s really not much to say about the timeliness of the place. I’m just going to keep this section at a perfect score because there is just no need to mark off for something like this.


Chipotle BurritoI wasn’t overly excited about the service at this Chipotle. The employee who greeted me wasn’t very friendly, didn’t smile, and just seemed in an overall crabby mood. She made my burrito well enough, so that’s nice, but someone with a more sensitive sensibility might have had their experience damped significantly with her level of service. The saving grace was the gentleman who was working the register. He was very friendly and asked me if I needed anything else. It might seem like a small thing, but it really makes an experience better whenever someone asks you something as simple as, “can I get you anything else?”


I like Chipotle. There’s no doubt about that. This particular visit wasn’t the best experience, but it was far from the worst. I would go back to get one of those monster burritos. It was legitimately a tasty meal, sans the chips and salsa, but one that I’d recommend to others. I say give them a shot if you’re interested in a pretty fresh meal. The place has it’s flaws, but it’s not bad by any stretch of the word.



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