Taco Sisters Front

Taco Sisters



The Good
  • Fresh food
  • Quick kitchen
The Bad
  • Outside only
  • Mediocre Jerk Pork

Taco Sisters BurritoTaco Sisters is a long held Lafayette lunch spot for some tasty burritos and tacos. Maybe a salad if that’s what you’re into. That being said, my meal during my most recent visit didn’t really impress me that much. I ordered their special, the jerk pork, as a burrito. The pineapple in it wasn’t too bad, but I can honestly say the flavor of the pork didn’t impress me at all. It wasn’t flavorless, it just wasn’t that flavorful. That being said, I’ve gotten the brisket there before and it was damn good. I guess perhaps they have hit and miss days. Nothing wrong with that. I’m not letting the meal from today affect my rating too much for them because I’ve had multiple meals from there that are really good. That being said, my biggest complaint about the meal today wasn’t the flavor, but the build of the burrito itself. The thing was a complete and utter mess to eat. The tortilla was falling apart and I couldn’t keep it all together. It was a pain in the ass. The picture on the right doesn’t quite show it as well as I would hope, but the thing was falling apart before I even took a bite. All in all, the meal was about $13 for the burrito, chips, and a drink. Not too shabby.


Taco Sisters MenuLook, I know what I’m getting myself into whenever I visit this place, but I’m still going to deduct points for not having any form of indoor seating. I know I’ll likely get a lot of people say, “well, there’s a drive through, so you can just go there and you won’t have to eat outside.” That might be true, but sometimes I don’t want to go back to the office to eat my food. I like to get away sometimes. Now, that being said, the outdoor seating isn’t too bad if it’s not sweltering hot outside. If there is a slight breeze and you’re not in direct sunlight, it can be a nice place to be. I’m a pretty tall fella, so the shorter benches are a little uncomfortable to sit at, but other than that, it’s okay. It’s likely never going to happen, but an expansion to include some indoor seating would be awesome. Just a thought.


The kitchen is fast. No doubt about it. One thing that I noticed while looking through the little ordering window waiting for my food was a chef measuring out scoops of brisket or pork into paper serving trays in order to make sure the portions were right. I actually really respected that considering it’s hard sticking to guidelines that stringent. The fact that they make sure everything is portioned right is a sign of a kitchen that has it’s priorities in order but that’s just my opinion. After ordering, food usually takes about 10 minutes. That’s pretty impressive.


The service is great, but there interaction level isn’t too much, so that might help. I ended up asking the employee who took my order a couple of questions and she answered them without any issues. She was kind, greeted me, and even smiled a bit. Kudos to her. They yell your name loudly whenever your order is read, which helps a lot considering the place is almost on Johnston street. I did ask for a refill at one point and a completely different employee was in the window. She was very friendly as well. The service here is awesome. There’s not much more I can say about it.


Look, there are a lot of loyal Taco Sisters fans out there in Lafayette. I’m not trying to upset the apple cart, but at the end of it all, this place has some flaws. A lot of times, I can overlook small flaws if the place has great food. The problem with Taco Sisters is that the food isn’t good enough to make me want to go over a place like Izzo’s. That might be some sort of sin in “food critic world” but I can’t stand this whole “local is always better” mentality. It’s bullcrap. Taco Sisters is good, but I prefer something more comfortable. This is where the FATSO rating system shines. It factors in more than food. And I don’t know about you, but I like that. Of course I do… I made this thing.