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Pimon Thai



The Good
  • Fantastic Curry
  • Great service
  • Spacious dining room
The Bad
  • Slow kitchen

First Impression Review
This is a first impression review. The score is likely to change after further visits.


Pimon Thai Curry reviewI ended up ordering my go to dish at Pimon Thai, a curry. I’m not attached to a particular style of curry, so I ended up ordering the mussaman curry. Look, in my opinion, Thai With Love has some of the best Thai curry in town, but Pimon really put up a fight with this one. The curry was thick and rich. It was packed full of flavor and spice. I asked for it hot and the chefs brought the noise. It was spiced up heavily, but didn’t quite put me over the edge. I enjoyed it tremendously. My party and I also ordered some spring rolls, which I’m not usually a fan of, but these were fantastic. The dipping sauce was great as well. The server even offered a sample of a cucumber mojito that they were having on special that day, which they ended up getting it. Overall, the food was on point and the drinks followed up suit. I only marked off one point because my rice was kind of cold. Either way, big points all around!


Pimon Thai interiorThis place is strange, because I liked it, but kind of didn’t at the same time. The lighting was dim and romantic, so it would be a nice place to be for a date with your significant other. The decor on the walls was relatively ethnic in Thai culture, but it almost felt a little forced. I didn’t like the waiting area, it felt very disconnected and strangely set. The dining room just gave off a strange vibe that’s hard to explain. It was like a they were trying to emulate something else, but also have the Thai styled tie-ins as well. Bare in mind that it wasn’t a terrible place to be or anything of the sort, it was just strange.


This was the only part of my experience that I really didn’t like. The kitchen is very slow. It took about 40 minutes from the time we ordered to the time we got our food. To make matters worse, they did that thing where they send our some dishes before the others. I cannot stand when kitchens do that. I would rather have my food sit in the back for an extra minute vs it coming out immediately and my friends having to stare at me the entire time I’m digging in, or waiting for theirs and just letting it sit there on the table in front of me. That’s torture.


The service during my experience was excellent. Our server was hilarious, had some attitude, and was good at what she did. The drinks stayed full, the alcohol kept flowing, if we wanted it, and the smiles kept coming. Seriously, this was one of the best service experiences I’ve had in a long time. Even the bartender that brought us our drinks at one point, I’m assuming because our server was busy, was very friendly and fun. This place has great service, hands down.


I had heard from a couple of people that the experience at Pimon Thai wasn’t the best. I think they’re wrong. The experience was great to me. The food was solid, the service was strong, and I enjoyed my time here. My complaints were pretty basic, but they did get noted. I still enjoyed myself. I’m not going to say whether I like this place more than Thai With Love when it comes to the curry, but it’s a damn close battle. Give them a shot and see for yourself.



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