Saigon Noodles Pho Review Lafayette

Saigon Noodle



The Good
  • Good pho
  • Awesome service
  • Quick kitchen
The Bad
  • Small dining room

Saigon Noodle mealThis is one of about 5 or 6 pho places in Lafayette. Happily, this is one of the better ones. It’s pretty inexpensive, has great potions, and the flavor is on point. I’ve gotten the pho plenty of times before, so I decided to try something new during my most recent visit. I ordered the shaken beef. It’s a sautéed beef dish with bell peppers, onions, and white rice. I forgot to take a picture of it before mixing the dish up, but it’s better whenever you mix everything together anyway. The broth at Saigon is solid to compete with the other pho places around town. It’s not the best, in my opinion, but actually comes in at a very close second. The mix-in tray that’s on the table is pretty nice and you can make the soup spicy and full of hoisin, as you should. I’ve been coming to this place for years and the food has always been well-prepared. I got back because of it. I guess my only real complaints would be that the presentations could sometimes use a little work, and my recent visit with the shaken beef could have been hotter. Other than that, all good all around.


my friend's mealI forgot to take a picture of the interior of the restaurant, but I love the design of the place. They do a great job in making sure the decor matches the overall theme and cuisine of the restaurant. They have a lot of art on the walls which is great to look at as well. The absolute biggest complaint I have is that this dining room is pretty small and there isn’t much elbow room. They have about maybe 15 or so tables packed in. And when I say packed in, I mean it. The tables could stand to be a little bit bigger as well, but most people can make it work. The restroom, which I had to use during my last visit, was very clean. It’s always a good sign whenever they take care of that part of a restaurant. Overall, the size is my biggest complaint. They have a pretty large water fixture in the front of the place, which is kind of large and could be removed to make it a little less cramped.


The kitchen is always fast at Saigon Noodle. I’ve never had a meal take more than 20 minutes, and usually it’s less than 15. Quite impressive. I’ve never seen inside the kitchen, but I would assume it’s relatively small considering the size of the place as a whole. The kitchen does a good job in keeping up with the business.


The service is fantastic at Saigon Noodle. I’ve eaten here quite a few times and this has always been the one factor that hasn’t changed. I’ve never had bad service at Saigon Noodle. My server during my most recent visit was really friend, full of information, and took great care of us. Even offered my friend a cup to take the rest of his drink home. That might seem like such a simple gesture, but it goes a long way in my opinion. I cannot recommend the service enough.


Saigon Noodle is another Pho place here in Lafayette. There are quite a few in town now, so your choice is whatever you think makes one better than the other. Personally, I think the service makes this place great. I don’t think it’s the best pho in town, but I might still choose it over many of the others because of the service. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to get me to choose a place to eat. This is a good place to eat overall though. I recommend it anytime.