Smitty’s Wings



The Good
  • Nothing
The Bad
  • Boring wings
  • Non-competitive drink costs
  • Slow kitchen

Wings are sacred. Seriously, if you try to open a place centered around chicken wings, you better be bringing some serious noise. Do not half-ass it, or you’ll get eaten alive by the big boys. Smitty’s has fallen victim to this mentality. They just don’t have the wing flavors, wing sizes, or prices to compete. I’m sorry, Smitty’s just doesn’t impress me. The wings are the same size as any other place in town, so there is nothing to differentiate them. The flavors are nothing to note, especially considering BWW has quite a lot more options. The drink prices aren’t competitive. The menu just doesn’t cut it for me. I’ve tried bone in and boneless wings and I’ve not been impressed either time. The only sauce even worth mentioning the in sriracha sauce.


It’s an okay place to be. The sports bar mentality is strong here, so that’s what you get when you eat here. The TVs are actually nice and in good positions so that you can get a fair amount of screen no matter which direction you’re facing. The volume level in the place isn’t too much and conversations can be had if needed. There really isn’t anything that stands out in this place, but it’s pretty sport’s bar-y.


Once again, this place doesn’t cut it here either. The last two times I went, the food took longer than it should have. I was one of the only people in the dining room and it took over 20 minutes to get my food to me. I deep-fry wings at home, I know how long it takes. Not this long. I was disappointed with the time in which it took to get my food to me.


This is one of the only redeeming aspects of Smitty’s. The servers that I’ve had have all been very friendly and fun. They appear to be on top of their game and I can tell that they feel comfortable in their work. I’ve had a new server each time I’ve eaten there, so I feel comfortable saying that the service is always on point. Kudos to this place for hiring well.


I’m sad to say that Smitty’s has fallen victim to a local place trying to compete with the big boys, and I don’t think they have what it takes. I’m not saying they’re going to fail, but I am saying that unless they start really turning heads, it’s going to be a very long and stressful road to profitability. One man’s opinion.