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Top 5 Pizza Joints In Lafayette


One Man’s Opinion
This is just my opinion folks. Put down the pitchforks.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now, but I wasn’t sure who I would give the crown to. They have some really great pizzas here in Lafayette. There are a lot of unique styles that all make for very different experiences. My personal preference comes into play, obviously, but I’ll touch on what I think makes a good pizza first.

Now, what makes a pizza a pizza? I have some friends that are “purists” and claim that a pizza is supposed to have a thicker crust and the ingredients are supposed to be the highlight. While I think that’s a noble cause, and crust can make or break a pizza for me, so I tend to disagree with those friends on that front. For example, I have a good friend that doesn’t like the thin crusts from Deano’s, but I do. He’s just wrong. Simple as that. It’s about the flavor, and that’s primarily what I made this list based on. The flavor of the pizza as a whole.

5. Antoni’s

So, I chose Antoni’s to be one of the top five because of their dough, primarily. I think they have one of the best homemade doughs in the area. Is it the best dough in Lafayette? Not really. But as a whole, the pizza works really well together because everything tastes so fresh.

4. Mellow Mushroom

My list, my rules. I know that this is a chain place, but I don’t care. I love the pizza at Mellow Mushroom enough for it to make the list. I’ve even eaten at the one in Baton Rouge and it tasted the same and had the same quality. I love consistency among places that have multiple locations. They have a really nice thick crust with a lot of flavor and a lot of decent ingredients.

3. Bread & Circus

I think that this is one of the best pizzas in Lafayette, but I still don’t think it’s my favorite. Seriously though, the dough is phenomenal here. It’s really thick and kind of chewy, but in a good way. They use very fresh ingredients and it’s always consistent since they got their new pizza oven. I would love to rank them higher, but I just love the next two places a lot more.

2. Pizza Artista

I love this place. So much. I almost couldn’t decide between Artista and my number one pick. This place has it all. Great service, amazing selection, and all at a fair cost. I eat here all the time and I enjoy it every single time. I’ve honestly never never seen a brand new restaurant that I’ve loved this much. Usually I have to warm up to a new place in Lafayette, but not here. I immediately knew this would be one of my favorites.

1. Deano’s

If you’ve read this blog before, you will know that I’m a big fan of Deano’s. I think they have the best tasting pizza in Lafayette. The Cajun Executioner is my favorite pizza in the world. It’s my favorite ingredients, packed onto one pizza, and it just works so damn well. I seriously love the pizza at Deano’s. I honestly had a tough time trying to compare my number 1 and number 2 picks considering they were both so different as far as their execution goes, but I ended up choosing flavor over everything. Deano’s is my number one pick and the FIRST winner of a new award that I’m welcoming them to take part in. The FF award, or FATSO’S FAVORITES, get awarded to my favorite places in Lafayette for certain categories.

Deano’s, you’re welcome to download this and put it in your restaurant. I plan on doing a top 5 for all categories and cuisines in town.

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