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Top Five Poboys In Lafayette

Where The Hell Should I Get A Poboy In Lafayette?

Alright, so I’m a lover of poboys. Seriously, I love them a lot. I might even marry one. The question is, which poboy would I marry? Who’s poboy reigns supreme? Here are my top 5 favorite poboys in Lafayette.

5. Julien’s Poboys

Julien’s has a really good poboy overall. They have a really soft bread and a huge menu to choose from. The pricing is consistent with most of the other poboy places around Lafayette. They definitely earn a top 5 placement. They move pretty quick too around lunch time, so it’s a great lunch spot.

4. Chris’ Poboys

Chris’ is a damn staple of Lafayette, and for good reason. They’ve been serving up poboys longer than Olde Tyme. They have such a good poboy too. Plenty of choices on the menu… Look, I have to mention it. That gumbo is so delicious. I know this is a top 5 poboy review, but I really do love some of that gumbo. Anyway, Chris’ earns a top 5 spot easily. Love that place.

3. Villager’s Cafe

I’ll start by saying this. I make the rules and I break the damn rules. This is my blog. I know it says “Lafayette” Fatso, but Villager’s is close enough. Maurice is basically a stones throw away. The villagers is my third favorite poboy in the world. Ham, roast beef, pepper-jack, and au jus on a poboy. Good lord is something out of this world. Next time you’re in Maurice. You know what to do.

Alright, now many of you are wondering who is coming first. Obviously, if you’re from Lafayette, you know which two places are coming in for the finish. I have a winner, but they’re both winners in my heart. Here we go.

2. Olde Tyme Grocery

Bring on the negative comments. I thrive on them. But hear me out, you might understand my point of view. Olde Tyme is a classic, Lafayette holy land of poboy deliciousness, but it’s just not my favorite anymore. If I want a classic poboy, I’m likely going to choose Olde Tyme before any other place. They do the classics better than anyone. The Olde Tyme special is so damn good, along with the meatball, corned beef, etc. They really have a great sandwich overall, but they fall short to the winner for one reason. Weekly specials.

1. Pop’s Poboys

As I mentioned. The weekly specials are what pushes Pop’s over the edge for me. The Situation, The Nonc Phil, Buffalo Soulja, and my all time favorite poboy in the world… The Dirty Bird. That poboy is what I believe crack makes you feel like. Except super tired afterwards before you get the itis really bad. Seriously though, I stand by Pop’s being the best in Lafayette because of their specials. They’ve got some really good classics too, and the debris roast beef is outstanding, but Olde Tyme beats them at the classics. Considering I don’t really care for fried shrimp poboys, I’ll let other people decide who has the better fried shrimp overall.

I hope you enjoyed!



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