Blu Basil Vietnamese Review Lafayette

Blu Basil



The Good
  • Incredible food
  • Great service
  • Awesome location
  • Quick kitchen
The Bad
  • Long wait sometimes (worth it)

This is some of the best food in town. Especially for this category. I’ve yet to have a bad thing from Blu Basil. I’ve had the eggrolls,fried rice, wings, and finally THE HOT POT. A soup lovers delight. I’m going to base this review around the hot pot because it’s my favorite thing that I’ve gotten so far at Blu Basil. The hot pot is a pot of broth that you’re given on top of a campfire burner. This all happens at the table. Then they give you a plethora of meat and veggies to throw into the broth to cook to your liking. It’s fantastic. The broth is really tasty, the presentation is rememberable, and when you’re done, there’s usually a ton to take home. Hats off to the chefs.


The atmosphere at Blu Basil is very relaxing. The design is sort of a modern take on a Vietnamese place. There is a lot of that culture in it, but everything looks 2016, which is pleasing to the eyes. The kitchen is tucked away in the back, so there is no noise coming from it. The seats are comfy and the TVs, which are a little tacky, are turned down thankfully. Overall, it’s a very comfortable place to be.


The kitchen is always on point. I’ve been to Blu Basil quite a few times and each time the food as come out on time and piping hot. I love it when food is too hot to eat, but doesn’t feel/taste like it was microwaved obviously. The last time I ordered the eggrolls, they were so hot when they came out, but once they were cooled, they tasted so good.


The service has always been on point. The last 3-4 times I’ve gone, I’ve had a different server and each one has been great. Attentive, friendly, quick, and clearly good at their job. That’s all a customer can ask for. A server that keeps the beer flowing, keeps friendly, and makes the experience worthwhile.


Overall, I love this place. I think it’s growing to be one of my favorite places in town.They have a fairly diverse menu that allows for multiple options, even for picky people. The prices are very fair considering the quality, and the service is outstanding. I couldn’t recommend Blu Basil enough.